Nation’s Restaurant News: McDonald’s Shakes Up its Image
Nation’s Restaurant News: McDonald’s Shakes Up its Image

The fast food giant continues to make changes to its menu in an effort to appeal to a new group of consumers.

McDonald’s has been presenting a brand very different from the one most of us grew up with.

In early August, McDonald’s Corp. invited a few dozen members of the media to its headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill., to share the company’s latest product news: The removal of high fructose corn syrup from buns and artificial ingredients from Chicken McNuggets and scrambled eggs.

But the company also wanted to demonstrate a broader menu shift. McDonald’s served breakfast bowls made with egg whites, spinach and turkey sausage. Lunch included new salads, burgers made with guacamole, and fries coated with garlic.

McDonald’s corporate chef demonstrated how to make an Egg McMuffin. The supply chain director described how McDonald’s is working with suppliers to improve offerings and make sure items are more sustainable.

This is the new McDonald’s.

The brand is focused on sustainability, the treatment of animals within the supply chain, and providing customers with more healthful options they can feel good about.

“We’re about making purposeful change,” said Marion Gross, who leads McDonald’s North America supply chain. “We’ve got a committed attitude. We want to be better. We’re listening to our customer. So over the past year and a half, we’ve accelerated the pace of change in everything we’re doing. And we’ve challenged nearly every aspect of our menu.”

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