Nation’s Restaurant News: Wendy’s Makes Big Push into Delivery
Nation’s Restaurant News: Wendy’s Makes Big Push into Delivery

The brand is hoping to build on the momentum it has established with delivery in existing markets by expanding the option to 2,500 locations.

The latest brand to make delivery a priority is Wendy’s. According to a recent Nation’s Restaurant News article, the brand is planning to expand its delivery partnership with Door Dash to 2,500 locations by the end of 2017. Those locations will cover 48 different markets.

Wendy’s decision to expand its delivery services comes as competitors like McDonald’s set up their games as well. And delivery isn’t the only area in which Wendy’s is aiming to grow—the chain is also on track to have 75 percent of its system enabled for mobile ordering by the end of the first quarter next year.

On the brand’s third-quarter earnings call, CEO Todd Penegor said, “We are excited. The continued results in Columbus and Dallas encouraged us to go bugger with our partner Door Dash on delivery.” He continued, “In 2018, technology needs to play a bigger role in the connection to the customer.”

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