National Wing Day: Where to Celebrate Today
National Wing Day: Where to Celebrate Today

Raise a wing (or ten) to one of the most delicious days of the year.

July 29—known as National Wing Day to wing enthusiasts—just might be one of the greatest days of the year. Ok, maybe that’s a little over the top, but think about it: What’s better than a perfect chicken wing?!

This year alone, Americans ate approximately 1.5 billion wings on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the National Chicken Council. Whichever way you want to fry it, that’s a lot of wings.

So thank you to Teressa Bellissimo of Buffalo, New York, for the stroke of brilliance that has led to one of the nation’s favorite sports time snack and go-to savory treat. For those who are looking to celebrate National Wing Day, here are a few recommendations.

Wing Zone
Delivery Wings. Really that should be enough, but Wing Zone goes above and beyond with its flavors, which can be applied to any menu item across the board. The brand has exploded onto the scene with unique flavor combinations, even offering a social media contest each year called Flavor Face-Off where fans are encouraged submit and vote for Wing Zone’s next flavor.

Buffalo Wings & Rings

If you haven’t had wings from Buffalo Wings & Rings, stop everything you’re doing, find the closest one and go there. I can’t stress enough how AWESOME these wings are. They are hands down the best wings from a casual dining restaurant and a great place to grab a beer to go along with those wings.

Slim Chickens

In today’s craft food era—which hosts what I like to call the “better chicken segment”— isn’t going anywhere without Slim Chickens. Serving up unbelievably fresh food inspired by its home base of Fayetteville, Arkansas, this growing brand looks to hit 600 units in the coming years. Don’t forget to try the chicken and waffles!

Naked Chicken

A rebranding of the iconic New York Brand Pudgie’s Famous Chicken, Naked Chicken is taking note of the recent food trends by offering a supremely unique menu with wing flavors such as Blueberry BBQ and Ghost Pepper. Located on Long Island, this millennial-minded and family-friendly restaurant is sure to prove why naked is better.


If you love wings, you know Wingstop. One of the fastest growing wing brands out there, the brand has been able to attract high profile franchisees like Rick Ross. If it’s good enough for Ricky Rose, then it’s good enough for me!


Hooters has mastered the classic wing. Globally recognized with locations in 28 countries around the world, their delicious wings are most likely nearby. It hosts a really fun atmosphere, but of course, I only go for the wings.


With a guest-focused company culture and great food, if you’ve had Zaxby’s, you’ve probably had it tw. Their meals are fantastic and that Texas toast and coleslaw get me every time.


One of the most dominant franchise brands out there, Popeyes continues to do Louisiana style chicken and doing it well. Beyond great food and constant LTO offerings, Popeyes is known for its multi-unit owners and for their great offerings to franchisees. Oh yeah, and the biscuits are FAN-tastic.

Raising Cane’s

Founder Todd Graves, who is referred to as the founder, CEO, fry cook and cashier, and his dedication to his business really say it all about this brand. Raising capital through odd jobs as a boilermaker and commercial fisher, Graves’ background is one that most hardworking, blue-collar people can relate to. The food is great, the atmosphere is spot-on and they’re growing. They get an A-plus from me.

Church’s Chicken

In the words of recording artist Hozier, “Take me to church!” A brand that’s been around since the 1950s, Church’s Chicken brings back memories of family fun and good eats. If you’ve never had their chicken you’re missing out. If you’ve never had their honey butter biscuits, there’s no reasoning with you.