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New Yorkers Relocating to Connecticut, Should Franchisors Start Targeting the State?

Despite calls to return to the office, New York City transplants have no plans to leave Connecticut.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
Updated 12:12PM 09/15/22

Around 50,000 people fled New York City for Connecticut during the COVID-19 pandemic — and they’re not going anywhere. 

Despite calls from large Manhattan employers for a return to the office, the transplants show no sign of returning to the city, says Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont. Additionally, those who used to make the commute to New York five days a week are now working from their homes or satellite offices, Bloomberg reported.

“Their kids are registered in schools. They’re buying houses,” Lamont said of the state’s new residents.  

The influx of new people and less commuting out of state means more sales for local businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops. This provides a new opportunity for franchises looking to expand in Connecticut. 

"Any time you can gain an insight from moving/relocation data, it can be deeply valuable for franchise development," said Nick Powills, Publisher of 1851 Franchise. "A move indicates a change in life. This event can also create a moment of clarity for what is next. Franchisors can take advantage of this by marketing the opportunity within the state and raising awareness of the opportunity.” 

Brands such as Oath PizzaFootprints Floors* and Pokemoto have already announced expansions in the state this year. 

The news did not come as a surprise to many of the LinkedIn users who commented on the subject. 

“I expect this trend will mature with continued remote worker relocations; and more small corporate offices and coworking-type facilities appearing in Connecticut, acting as hubs for companies reducing their office footprint elsewhere or serving as their anchor in the NYC/CT market,” wrote Jon Winkel, CEO at The Stamford Partnership. 

Francis Saele added: “The 50,000 people who left New York for Connecticut aren't coming back. Can you blame them? Remote work is very hard to give up after you've been there for a while. It complicates tax returns, but that's a small price to pay.”

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