Begin Anyway: Nick Powills of No Limit Agency
Begin Anyway: Nick Powills of No Limit Agency

NLA CEO and 1851 Publisher proves that closed doors don’t mean missed opportunities.

Achieving success hasn’t always been proceeded by an easy road for Nick Powills. But now, as the CEO of No Limit Agency and the publisher behind 1851 Franchise, he’s sharing some things that he’s learned about entrepreneurship along the way.

Powills recently sat down for an interview with Begin Anyway, a series that focuses on people who have taken an entrepreneurial journey and found success. Even though they may not be near their destinations, those featured have all made an effort to improve their lives by pursuing a path that isn’t necessarily difficult. Oftentimes, that journey begins with a door being opened or a unique opportunity presenting itself. But for Powills, his journey began with a desire to do something different.

“Doors have never opened for me. I have had to bust through them to get an opportunity. Some are born with opportunity; I was born with a motivation to create them,” Powills told Begin Anyway.

From agreeing to run five miles before every practice to make his high school travel baseball team to opening his own door to create a PR agency that included a digital franchise magazine and a social media service offering after being told “no,” Powills credits his success to his motivation and momentum. Experiencing rejection can serve as a foundation for something great, which is how No Limit Agency got its start. Despite knowing very little in his first year of business—which also happened to be during the recession in 2008—Powills took a leap and created something that continues to grow today.

“No Limit Agency is now a complete storytelling agency. We believe in the connection of communication silos — marketing, advertising, digital, social, PR. A great social media contest should be marketed in store, advertised to a new community, reflected on your website, told through earned and owned media. Most brands miss this.”

Powills is continuing to build on the strong momentum behind No Limit Agency by working with those around him. He believes that people grow brands, which is why NLA recently hired a President who will help operationalize the business more. And as more people join No Limit Agency’s team, Powills is determined to continue opening doors and creating an environment in which talent can grow.

“Closed doors are bullshit. If you are motivated, you create your own path. You are in control of your decisions. It’s simply a matter of whether you decide to do it or not.”

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