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Brunch, the Lincoln Park Zoo and Lake Michigan

Superstar account executive Sarah Mellema shares what makes her tick and why she chose No Limit Agency

By NoLimit Agency
SPONSORED 11:11AM 03/11/16

No Limit Agency account executive Sarah Mellema is no stranger to the rigors of the marketing world. Before coming to the No Limit Agency team, Sarah was working in the consumer marketing sector where she worked on numerous national campaigns.

No Limit Agency: Where are you from originally?

Sarah Mellema: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

NLA: Favorite mobile app.

SM: Bands in Town

NLA: What phrase or idiom do you think makes no sense?

SM: “Have your cake and eat it too”...why would you have a cake and not eat it??

NLA: If you could have dinner with any celebrity (dead or alive), who would it be?

SM: Dumbledore

NLA: Drink of choice

SM: Gin and soda with a lime. Or just gin with lime!

NLA: What’s your favorite part about Chicago?

SM: I could never pick just one thing. Brunch, the Lincoln Park Zoo and of course Lake Michigan.

NLA: What are you afraid of?

SM: Birds

NLA: Why did you choose to work at No Limit Agency?

SM: I like that it’s a small office but with a ton going on. Everyone’s work goes a long way and the atmosphere is laid back, yet hard-working!

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