How Does Social Stay Current?
How Does Social Stay Current?

The social media landscape continues to change - be ready to adapt.

With every month that falls off the calendar, it becomes more and more apparent to even the most skeptical of old school marketing professionals that social media is here to stay. With 92 percent of marketers in 2014 claiming that social media marketing was important for their business, and 80 percent indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites, it's apparent now, more than ever, that the digital conversation is the most important to have a voice in.

“The social media landscape is a place for brands to identify their target audience and then customize their messaging to optimize interest, awareness and ideally, sales,” said Alia Rajput, No Limit Agency Social Media Manager. “Brands now know that being on social media is not enough; rather crafting an impactful, memorable and relatable presence through brand voice, tone and image is the key toward fostering recognition and eventually, loyalty.”

Since the average American spends around 40 minutes per day checking a Facebook feed (more time per day than they spend doing most household chores and checking email), brands have realized more and more how crucial it is to capitalize on that time. Yet unlike invading television space with ads and strictly promotional messaging, social media marketing content is a blessing and a curse in that it needs to be carefully crafted, unique, and catered toward interests in order for it to stand out from the traffic and noise of the average social platform.

No Limit Agency is a cutting edge resource in the social media space due to its innovative and out of box thinking. Its bold team of creators, developers and strategists pride themselves on being abreast of the industry in its growing trends and capabilities.

“We love having to stay on our toes creatively and use emerging tools to create fresh, forward thinking campaigns for our clients,” added Rajput. “The climate of the digital landscape changes almost daily so staying ahead of the curve is crucial for any effective social marketing strategy, a philosophy that the NLA team lives by in their everyday lives.”

Beyond their day-to-day execution of dynamic copy, creative assets and planning, No Limit Agency takes its clients' digital presence above and beyond the traditional social marketing realm by testing out new ways to share, aggregate and leverage social content.

“We are trailblazers in the digital space, and we're changing the role of the social media marketing agency from being reactive to proactive,” said Rajput. “Another reason social marketing is so effective is that it requires very little from the user in order to participate and reap rewards.”

Rajput was quick to point out that social marketers have integrated their messaging into what consumers are already doing, so they don't have to change up their routine at all in order to be exposed to the brand.

“As the future of social media is ever-evolving, the next phase will likely include ad devices that began with Cookies and have been developing in Preference Marketing will become more sophisticated, potentially disabling search functions as a whole,” said Rajput. “Social will get more intuitive and, for better or worse, more universally convenient. Global connectivity will make 6 degrees of separation a thing of the past as anyone anytime anywhere will be little more than a finger swipe away. And e-commerce will ramp up its social media buying capabilities so that user generated photos in Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat will contain purchase links created by global retail conglomerates.”

Life will likely be easier at the cost of being more invasive as the world will continue to grow smaller.