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How Impactful Media Placements Coordinated By No Limit Agency Make GYMGUYZ a Nationally Recognized Brand

By extracting stories about franchisees, personal trainers and clients, No Limit Agency has helped the brand surpass the 100-unit mark and break into international markets.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 03/13/18

“My goal is to be worldwide.”

Josh York, the founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ, has talked boldly about the brand’s growth trajectory from day one. And with the help of No Limit Agency, he’s been able to deliver on his word.

When York was just 25 years old, he broke ground on his dream of building his own fitness business. Literally mobilizing a highly capable staff of certified personal trainers, GYMGUYZ brings state-of-the-art fitness technology, equipment and expertise to the doors of its rapidly growing customer base. With a focus on highly personalized training programs, each partnership begins with a series of assessments evaluating body, measurements, nutrition, fitness and personal goals in order to determine the ideal course of action for the client. GYMGUYZ trainers then use their expertise to structure workouts that will help each client meet his or her individual needs, tracking progress over the course of a 15-week program.

Simply put, there was no other brand on the market like GYMGUYZ, and York saw huge potential for nationwide growth. That’s when he decided to open up the business to franchising.

“We saw an extraordinary demand for top-notch fitness expertise, and through franchising, we’d be equipped to meet that demand,” York said.

To go to market with the biggest splash possible, York retained No limit Agency in February 2013 to launch GYMGUYZ in the local and national media. No Limit Agency’s team of media and public relations experts implemented a strategic development and media plan for the brand, starting with securing press in York’s home market of Long Island before moving on to key cities for development.

But even more than the brand’s development news, No Limit Agency uncovered a deeper, more personal story fueling GYMGUYZ—its team of passionate people. York’s dedication, unrelenting work ethic and passion sets GYMGUYZ apart from other fitness brands, and he inspires every single one of his franchisees, employees and customers to embody the same characteristics. So, as York sold franchises, No Limit Agency jumped in and leveraged the vibrant people behind each location to secure consistent press in that local market.

“The passion and drive of the GYMGUYZ team allows for huge storytelling opportunities about the brand's success and growth potential. Additionally, Josh York's entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for success promotes our belief that anything is possible in creating media moments for GYMGUYZ. His willingness to do whatever it takes to build the brand through press makes him a client that others should envy,” said Hannah Kramer, an account manager for No Limit Agency.

That tactic of extracting stories about franchisees, personal trainers and clients paid off in a big way for GYMGUYZ. Today, the brand has franchises in more than 124 territories in two countries and 24 states. This upward trajectory was seen in the number of media placements that No Limit Agency helped to secure, too. In 2016, the company nearly doubled the number of both interviews and secured placements for GYMGUYZ when compared to 2015. This included features in publications like The New York Times, People Magazine, CNBC, PBS’s Nightly Business Report, HuffPost Business and Thrillist. No Limit Agency also worked with more than 20 franchisee groups in 2016, supporting grand openings and local community efforts to increase brand awareness across the country.

“Alongside this local media strategy is a laser focus on national media exposure. The brand’s unique concept and vibrant founder, along with NLA’s strong media contacts and ability to inject its clients into the news cycle, has led to many national wins for GYMGUYZ in national consumer and business television, print and online outlets,” Kramer said. “Judging by the continued growth of the brand year after year, it’s clear that there are more exciting things on the horizon for GYMGUYZ.”

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