My Work-spiration: Megan Ferringer
My Work-spiration: Megan Ferringer

Senior Account Executive Rachel Stolba shares what she admires about 1851 Editor Megan Ferringer

A young reporter sets out to cover her first assignment at a small town paper in Ohio. A heated argument between two citizens has erupted and as the debate escalates from insult slinging to fried chicken slinging (literally), the local police are called. A recently graduated Megan Ferringer arrives on the scene of the greasy crime, and our own 1851 editor gets her first taste of the hard-hitting world of journalism.

If you thought that experience may scare Ferringer off, think again. Over the next several years she honed her storytelling skills to become the authoritative and talented writer at the helm of this growing publication.

When I set out to write a piece about a coworker who inspires me, Megan was the first person who came to mind. Over the past year working together I’ve admired her steadiness, her dedication and her pure talent for communicating our clients’ stories.

Although we’ve both thrived at No Limit, I don’t think any of our coworkers would describe Megan and I in similar terms. So I had to know, in this crazy work environment what makes Megan Ferringer tick?

Megan joined the No Limit Agency/ 1851 team in October 2015, meaning that she has just celebrated her first anniversary at the company. In that time she has been promoted from content producer to editor of 1851, helped to double the unique visitors per month on the site, and upped the quality of our content tenfold.

What’s your favorite part of your job here?
My favorite part of my job is getting to tell people’s stories and giving someone or something a voice they wouldn’t have had otherwise. I realized my true passion for telling people’s stories working for Rotary International’s monthly magazine. I was writing about the humanitarian efforts of this 100-year-old organization and I liked showing the importance of the organization through my stories. I get to continue to do that here and I love working alongside our clients to help create that voice and brand.

What is your proudest moment at NLA so far?
Last winter I did a Q&A with [IFA Chairman] Aziz Hashim and it was so great to speak with and learn from someone who knows so much about the franchising industry. He was so happy with the piece that when we met at IFA he remembered it and brought it up. Another really proud moment was getting an interview with the founder of Bumble and diversifying 1851’s content to include other relevant business news outside of the franchising industry. It’s going to allow us to continue to expand the publication’s reach.

What is most satisfying and gratifying about your job here?
When you get feedback from a client or brand that is truly thrilled with the content we’ve created for them, that’s what drives me. To see how excited they are reading about their own brand keeps me going every day, and it’s even better when a client says they are growing as a result of our work at 1851.

In our stressful and fast paced industry, how do you remain calm under pressure?
I try to approach everything with a sense of humor and a light attitude— when things get stressful that can really help. And I try not to be in my own head too much. You come in on Monday and are confronted by this huge pile of things you need to do, and every week you manage to prioritize and get things done, so I just try to give myself the benefit of the doubt and know that no matter what is ahead, I can conquer it.

Who is a person who inspires you?
My dad. He came from small Midwestern town and truly embodies the American Dream. He always succeeded by being a hard worker and being really genuine, and I admire that.

From behind her computer screen Megan has mastered the ability to tell our clients’ stories, but this year we’re working to improve on telling our own story, and that begins with the coworker that I admire, 1851 Franchise Editor Megan Ferringer.