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No Limit Agency Drives Social Engagement For Majestic Star Casino Through Targeted Campaigns

No Limit Agency was tasked with building brand awareness through social engagement and meaningful interactions with fans of the brand’s social pages.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 5:17PM 03/28/17

Founded in 1996, Majestic Star Casino was one of the first establishments to break into Gary, Indiana’ s booming casino landscape. Today, with more than 1,900 slots, an upscale dining scene and a hotel overlooking Lake Michigan, Majestic Star has become a staple in both Gary and the surrounding Chicago metropolitan area. But Majestic Star realized that in order to keep up in its fast-paced and competitive industry, it needed to undergo a serious brand refresh—and this started with injecting a much-needed spark into its dated digital footprint.

That’s when Majestic approached No Limit Agency for help.

“Back in 2014, we realized that our digital presence was outdated, and it didn’t accurately reflect where we were at that point in time. We underwent a lot of internal changes to make the Majestic experience much more upscale and a lot classier—similar to the kind of visit you’d have in Las Vegas. We needed our online identity to broadcast that in a more effective way,” said Alex Salinas, the advertising manager at Majestic Star. “When we found No Limit Agency, their fresh and vibrant ideas were captivating, and we knew they could take us in the right direction.”

No Limit Agency was tasked with building brand awareness through social engagement and meaningful interactions with fans of the brand’s social pages. Working closely with the Majestic Star team, No Limit Agency’s team developed a social strategy to grow the social following based on optimized targeting to reach new users while also keeping existing fans engaged with regular, compelling content.

“The goal was to not only grow their social media following and boost foot traffic, but to also give fans—both new and old—an inside view into the true Majestic Star experience. There’s no better way to broadcast that message than through social media,” said Brigit Larson, the social media manager for No Limit Agency.

To build excitement around Majestic Star, No Limit Agency developed quarterly major social media contests and campaigns along with monthly giveaways to keep the page fresh and the fans coming back for more. Part of this strategic plan also included designing original social media creative on behalf of Majestic Star. By crafting custom, shareable graphics and photography that aligned with Majestic Star’s unique branding, No Limit Agency’s team was able to captivate fans through daily postings, event invites and campaign creatives—all featuring the brand’s refined aesthetic. No Limit Agency then managed the paid media to help grow the platform’s followings in a much more strategic way by targeting Majestic Star’s key demographics.  

One of the standout campaigns that No Limit Agency created for Majestic Star occurs every year around the holidays. Called the “20 Days of Majestic,” No Limit Agency’s team designed an advent calendar Facebook application that allowed fans to submit their Majestic Rewards number every day to be entered to win the daily prize—which included everything from buffet vouchers, coffee makers and Fitbits, to headphones, tablets and Majestic Promo Cash. Near the end of the campaign, “20 Days of Majestic” received 3,865 engagements, 1,200 clicks and 965 total entries.

Today, more than two years since Majestic Star turned to No Limit Agency for help, it’s clear this strategy has paid off in a big way. Majestic’s Facebook following has grown by 26 percent; its Twitter following has increased by a whopping 310 percent; check-ins improved by 140 percent; and its Instagram presence, which was previously non-existent, skyrocketed to more than 400 followers. But fans weren’t just liking Majestic Star’s social media pages, they were actively engaging with them, too. Total engagements for Twitter,Facebook and Instagram were 173,604; total impressions for Twitter and Facebook reached 13 million; and total link clicks for Twitter and Facebook hit more than 33,300.

“Being able to tap into the exact demographic we want with material that doesn’t just embody what Majestic Star is all about, but also sparks meaningful conversations and engagement has been incredible,” Salinas said. “With the help of No Limit Agency, we’ve been able to inject new life into our digital footprint—and it’s clear that people are taking notice.”

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