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Why a Franchise Development Site Can Make or Break a Franchisor’s Chance at Gaining Prospects

A quality franchise development website is more important than ever to secure leads, convey brand messaging and optimize growth.

In today’s world, a website is the hub of any business’s digital efforts. For franchise brands, the process of franchise development has been slowly shifting from traditional marketing methods to a focus on digital. A poorly designed website can result in fragmented brand standards and push prospective customers to the competition. Now, more than ever, keeping a franchise development website up to date and high-quality can make or break a franchisor’s chance at gaining prospects.

Many of No Limit Agency’s clients have recently rolled out freshly redesigned franchise development websites as a way to better showcase their franchise opportunity, including Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Big Blue Swim School and ‘Wichcraft.

“Back in the old days, a franchise candidate reviewed an inquiry and the first step was calling to receive information about the brand,” said Fuzzy’s Taco Shop president, Michael Mabry. “Now, as a potential franchisee or partner gets to know a brand, they have to be able to research and have a full sense of who that brand is before the initial call is made. A franchisor needs to convey the brand messaging before a candidate even fills out the inquiry so they are fully versed in the culture before diving into the franchising opportunity.”

For franchise development sites, the design and layout features should best convey a brand’s message, and all websites should be SEO-optimized, as well as UX-focused and mobile-friendly. Growing businesses need fresh web content that is consistently developed and updated so leads can be assured that the brand is active and the latest news is available. In addition to copy, this should include testimonial videos, visuals, discovery brochures and more.

“A robust franchise development website is critical for any growing brand,” said Chief Development Officer for Big Blue Swim School, Scott Thompson. “Your prospects don't want to talk with you before they do their research anymore. A strong franchise development site should answer all of your candidate’s pressing questions—like investment level and candidate journey—before they pick up the phone.” 

Earlier this year, Big Blue partnered with No Limit Agency to help redesign the brand’s development website as a way to revamp expansion efforts

“We wanted to create a compelling site that potential franchisees wanted to visit to learn more about how their ‘Big Moment Starts Here’ at Big Blue Swim School,” said Thompson. “Since the update, the website has produced some of the most qualified organic leads from any brand that I have worked with. Google loves strong content and a robust website with relevant material has a better chance at ranking higher in SEO.”

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop also reached out to No Limit Agency in March to refresh its franchise development website to match the unique, playful vibe and culture of the brand. “Our old franchise development website did not accurately depict who we are as a brand,” said Mabry. “We made sure to change everything, including the language, usability and information that is available to the franchise candidate. The old website was more straightforwardly informative, while the new one is interactive, engaging and unique.”

As Mabry points out, the Fuzzy’s team recognized how important it is to provide franchisee candidates with a website that connects on an emotional level. “No one wants to visit a static website that looks and feels like every other website out there,” said Mabry. “By providing a dynamic website that users can click through, it showcases the culture of the brand in an interactive way. It is my belief that franchise candidates need to be emotionally connected to the opportunity they are exploring. Since launching the new website, leads have been up by an incredible 640%.”

The website has become the starting point of the franchise development process and more often than not serves as the entry point into the brand. Franchises are meant to grow, and therefore a brand’s development websites should be constantly growing as well. One thing is for sure: franchisors should not be scared to revamp their website, as it increasingly has the power to make or break franchise sales. 

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