Why I Chose No Limit
Why I Chose No Limit

No Limit staff member Sydney Gitelis felt at home when she joined the company.

Interviewing for a job isn’t fun, we all know this. At least not for me. You’re nervous, you don’t know what to expect, and you don’t know how people are going to act. When I walked into No Limit Agency all of these thoughts faded away, and they were replaced with an overwhelming sense of “Welcome Home.”
It’s not so much a question of why I chose No Limit Agency, it’s more a question of why it took me so long to get here? I had the benefit of being introduced to No Limit by a former coworker, who now works for No Limit. I knew during my interview I’d see a familiar face and this eased my apprehension of coming in to meet the team. Turns out, I didn’t need her. The office was already filled with people just like me – those hungry for a successful career that were more than willing to show me around and tell me about the company.
I saw the way that No Limit can help you grow your career. Being a small company, no one goes unnoticed. It didn’t have that corporate feel; it felt more like being at home. Your day is spent building relationships with clients and cheering each other on to reach your goals.
No Limit has its perks. Who wouldn’t want to take a short break from work at the ping pong table? Or take their eyes off their computer screen and look out the window over Millennium Park? I can honestly say I didn’t choose this company because of the perks; it was the overwhelming sense of feeling like I already belonged.
When I left my interview with No Limit, the thought of returning to my former office left me feeling empty. I wanted to be where the fun people were!
Luckily the feeling was mutual and here I am.