Why People Love Working for No Limit Agency
Why People Love Working for No Limit Agency

Senior Account Manager Brian Jaeger discusses why No Limit is a great PR opportunity.

An important part of working with a communications agency is the knowledge that you are working with people who love their jobs. Even more specific, is that they like where they work and the people they work with.

We reached out to Brian Jaeger, Senior Account Manager at No Limit Agency, to tell us more about No Limit Agency and why he likes working there. After all, he was named 2014 Most Valuable Player, so we felt he was the best resource out there.

We hope you enjoy his answers as much as we did.

1) What do you like about working at No Limit Agency?

Coming from almost a decade on the news side, doing TV news in Florida, I like the fact that we think like journalists and attempt to find stories and narratives that are actually newsworthy rather than the typical PR fluff that I was all too happy to dismiss in my news life. From a culture standpoint, it’s rare that I go an hour in the No Limit Agency office without laughing. We’re like an Island of Misfit Toys that recognizes the importance of having fun and laughing while we’re getting incredible results for our clients.

2) What is it about our clients that you enjoy?

Relationship is key with our clients. We make their goals our goals, and we provide our agency’s combined wealth of experience and expertise to help attain them…and surpass them. We aren’t the kind of agency that makes promises and then goes and hides at the bottom of a well for three weeks. We are in constant communication with our clients – sharing ideas, updating on the status of projects, and extracting information to improve their business and the success of those in their system. Plus, 75 percent of my t-shirts come from clients.

3) Are there any particular moments you are proud of that showcase how you helped a client achieve a goal or go above and beyond?

The proudest moments for me is when I’ve been able to key on a nugget of conversation with a business owner, ask the right questions for them to elaborate on their answer, and then create a great story that spotlights the amazing things taking in place in their business. Whenever I get feedback from a client that an article or TV segment made their day, or that they felt so energized by getting recognition for the hard work they do in their community, that’s the reward for me.

4) What was it that made you MVP, aside from stuffing the ballot box?

Bribes, threats of physical pain, a little voodoo and amateur hypnotism; I pride myself in constantly thinking outside of my own world. The greatest sports franchises in history have succeeded due to a lack of selfish play and fitting the right pieces together. I also try to bring a mixture of dedication and hard work with the ability to create some levity in stressful situations with my (often sophomoric) humor. Receiving the MVP award was an honor and, I guess, now I can retract all the blackmail threats I made to achieve it.

5) What would best describe Nick's leadership qualities?

Nick built the agency on a tireless passion for getting better, and achieving more results, quicker than anyone else. It can be exhausting at times, but it’s the way you should approach any type of partnership. Make them and yourself better. I’m constantly learning new things from Nick, and since I know that he is on a constant quest to stay one step of everyone else, I’m just going to continue to try and keep up to soak up as much as possible. He’s extremely smart, and frankly it makes me angry. He also once tricked me into eating sand. So, I think that requires some high level of leadership.

6) Who do you look up to and why?

Robocop. He lost so much and was torn between the reality that he knew before and the man-made cyborg that he became. Honestly, I look up to my parents. You can constantly be disappointed by celebrities or sports heroes, but since day one my parents instilled a foundation in me of caring about what matters, being able to laugh when you need to, and being loyal to those that earn your loyalty. Besides them, I’m really drawn to those who are successful but don’t take themselves too seriously, act in ways because that’s what seems PC or what the herd is doing, and can have a beer and just talk without feeling the need to prove anything.

7) What inspires you?

I’m inspired by making the lives of those around me better. Even if it’s a simple laugh or the acknowledgment that something I did helped someone else. I’m inspired by people who aren’t afraid to say or do something that may cause others to be uncomfortable, but that they feel is right. I’m also inspired by that little boy in the song, “Christmas Shoes.” I mean, his mom was dying and he bought her shoes. That’s, well, that’s something. Right?

8) What's the toughest part of your job?

In order to continuously deliver better results and service than any other agency, we work at a break-neck pace at times. I’m used to that coming from a 24-hour news station, but finding a way to juggle everything and prioritize needs is tough at times. Also, I’m not a morning person, so functioning at a high level before 10 AM can be a real challenge.

9) What makes your job worthwhile?

There are so many moments throughout each week and day where you can look at something and say, “What I did just made someone’s life better.” That’s the thing that keeps me motivated - also, not having to wear a tie. My neck’s too big for that kind of nonsense on a daily basis.

10) If NLA was a celebrity - who would it be and why?

Terry Crews. We’re powerful and forceful while also being charming and versatile. Also, we starred as Cheeseburger Eddie in the 2005 hit “The Longest Yard