Why We Love Working With No Limit Agency: SafeWay Driving
Why We Love Working With No Limit Agency: SafeWay Driving

SafeWay Driving VP Ann Littmann offers insight into why the relationship works

For emerging franchisors, finding the right partners to help launch the brand in the franchise space is key for long-term success. For Ann Littmann of SafeWay Driving, she knew exactly what she was looking for in a communications agency – a team that would not only offer expertise in growing franchise brands and securing impactful media placements, but a true partner that would serve as an extension of their team. Ultimately, SafeWay Driving selected No Limit Agency because of the team's passion for the SafeWay brand.

“We’re a 42-year old company that had never focused on public relations, so we needed a lot of support as we headed into this new territory,” said Littmann. “Right off the bat, No Limit Agency started booking interviews for our corporate team and our local franchisees to tell the SafeWay story in the media.”

On top of booking the interviews, Littmann notes that the NLA team provides talking points and holds mock interviews to ensure that every spokesperson is prepared going into the interview.  Plus, that work is also done with the reporter.

Littmann says, “The interviews we’ve had with the media have been great – the reporter already knows a lot about our brand before we start the phone call, which creates more constructive conversations. We can get to the heart of what SafeWay is trying to accomplish in a shorter amount of time. The groundwork that NLA does has been outstanding in getting the story we want to tell into the media.”

In addition to public relations support, NLA also handles social media strategy and community management for SafeWay Driving. Littmann mentions a recent campaign where the NLA creative team developed an animated gif to draw more attention to a trivia post.

“We hadn’t even discussed making the graphic animated, and we were delighted that NLA went the extra mile to create something that brought our brand to life,” said Littmann. “Plus, the response from our social community was tremendous – we had the most interaction on that post than we’ve ever had in the history of our brand.”

Beyond the work itself, Littmann draws attention to the relationship that SafeWay and NLA have built.

“Working with NLA feels like we are working with friends, which is something that’s very rare in vendor relationships,” said Littmann. “We’re paying for a service, of course, and that sets certain expectations, but we’re able to enjoy the work we do together. Every time we’re on a call, there’s a lot of laughter and inside jokes, but then we’re able to get down to business when we need to. There’s a nice mutual understanding that goes both ways.”

No Limit Agency Director of Client Services Lauren Kaminski echoes this sentiment.

"Ann and [SafeWay Driving Vice President] Chelsea Sauder always brighten my day when I connect with them,” she says. “They appreciate the work we do on a daily basis and provide ideas and information that we need, and they’re also fun people that I enjoy getting to know on our weekly calls. SafeWay Driving is a great client partner for No Limit Agency and we look forward to a forever relationship."