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Forbes: A Smaller Footprint and Franchise Model is Helping Oath Pizza Grow

The better-for-you-pizza concept’s CEO and CMO discuss how the efficient business model has helped the brand expand rapidly.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Oath Pizza Chief Executive Officer Drew Kellogg and Chief Marketing Officer Stacie Colburn Hayes discuss how the Nantucket-born, better-for-you pizza concept is planning to expand nationwide. 

Founded in 2015, Oath Pizza has grown across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic with 29 locations, and the brand plans to continue that expansion through both franchised and corporate-owned locations. When asked why Oath Pizza expands with both corporate- and franchisee-owned locations, Kellogg discussed how it serves the brand’s efficient business model.

“We can control the corporate environment and not have to fly all over the country,” said Kellogg. 

Kellogg and Hayes also discuss how Oath Pizza operates with a smaller footprint than most of their competitors, which requires fewer employees, a benefit throughout the recent labor shortages. The small footprint also allows for a streamlined kitchen which has helped with supply chain issues throughout the past year.

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