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Pizza Marketplace: Oath Pizza Fighting The Great Resignation

Employees nationwide are leaving their positions in droves and Oath Pizza has a solution.

The Great Resignation is causing restaurant workers to leave their positions in droves, and hiring in a post-COVID world has introduced any number of new challenges to restaurant brands. Safety, work-life balance, raises in pay and flexibility have risen to the top of employee priorities, and they're better able to negotiate for it in a candidate's market. 

A recent article in Pizza Marketplace details how operational efficiency is helping keep labor costs down at Oath Pizza, the 29-unit pizza franchise. The brand is running one to four people per shift, with some corporate stores employing just 10 to 12 people, depending on sales volume. Many employees have been with the company throughout the pandemic. Oath Pizza is also leveraging employee referrals to attract new talent.

"People who work for us know what the company stands for (and) know what the work ethic is that's required to work here," Dave Jamieson, the company's VP of Operations, said in a phone interview with Pizza Marketplace. "They seek out that in their friends and we often hire those guys without questions and it leads to a better culture in our restaurants."

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