How David Anthony’s Quest to be His Own Boss Led Him From Office Evolution Customer to Franchisee
How David Anthony’s Quest to be His Own Boss Led Him From Office Evolution Customer to Franchisee

As the owner of additional businesses, the flexibility franchising provides is benefitting growth in all of Anthony’s endeavors

David Anthony is a man of many titles and talents: registered investment advisor, certified financial planner, radio host and entrepreneur among them. Since leaving behind the corporate world to venture out on his own, Anthony owns three companies that have cultivated business in the Denver metro area and beyond. From the very beginning of his journey as an entrepreneur, Anthony has been an Office Evolution customer; he was one of the brand’s first in its Broomfield, Colorado, office space. The experience was so integral to the development of his businesses that he eventually made the decision to join Office Evolution as a franchisee.

Anthony first encountered Office Evolution back in 2008 when he was seeking a place to locate his new financial advising business after being laid off from his corporate job. The franchise, providing executive suites, office spaces, and virtual offices on a one-time rental or subscription basis specifically geared toward independent professionals and small businesses like his, was the perfect starting point for Anthony’s new venture. “No one was hiring then, so the clear choice in front of me was to start my own business. Office Evolution offered me physical office space at a good price, which allowed me to meet with clients and establish my footing as an entrepreneur,” Anthony said.

Since Anthony joined Office Evolution in 2009, both he and his business have made significant strides. “Office Evolution provided me great benefits to meet with many clients throughout Denver. As the company has grown, I’ve even been able to meet with out-of-state clients, which has been a huge factor in my business development,” he said. Anthony explained that Office Evolution stands out to him due to the community of innovation and growth it fosters.  “As a small business owner, the resources provided positioned me to spend more time on executing and growing my business,” he added.

With 51 office spaces currently open and plans to grow to 65 units by the end of 2018, Office Evolution is catering to an important sector of the business world so effectively that Anthony couldn’t help but take notice. His positive experience with CEO Mark Hemmeter and his leadership team are ultimately what he credits with his decision to buy a franchise. “Office Evolution’s team was always straightforward and honest. They prioritize problem-solving, which promotes huge growth.”

With startup costs for the franchise ranging from $288,000 to $853,000, a net worth requirement at $750,000 per unit and $300,000 in liquid capital per unit, Anthony felt the opportunity wasn’t one to pass up. “What they were doing in other states coupled with my business growing to the point where I needed additional office space made it a great investment,” Anthony said.

Anthony’s experience as a customer uniquely positions him to succeed as a franchisee. “I can offer potential clients a personal testimony on the benefits of the [model] for their business, providing specific details on how it works. Because Office Evolution helped my business so much as an individual, I have that connection point to other small business owners,” he said. Anthony specifically touted the brand’s synergistic offerings like monthly workshops and keynote speakers as key resources for its customers. “Office Evolution makes it easy. It provides low-cost barrier entry and support, showing customers they aren’t alone. Owning this franchise has helped me carve out a space for other entrepreneurs.”

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