Papa John's Franchisee Association Hires Attorney
Papa John's Franchisee Association Hires Attorney

The pizza chain’s franchisees have hired representation to investigate the brand’s decline.

As Papa John’s has been in freefall for the better part of a year, it appears franchisees of the pizza chain have decided to take matters into their own hands. According to Restaurant Business, the Papa John’s Franchisee Association has hired prominent franchise attorney Robert Zarco to investigate, and hopefully curtail, the brand’s decline.

As the acrimonious fallout from founder and former CEO John Schnatter’s departure has publicly unfurled, the brand’s sales have seriously suffered.

“Having exhausted all other options, the association feels it has been left with no choice but to conduct an investigation and rectify the root causes behind the steady decline in its members’ store sales,” franchisee association chairman Vaughn Frey said in a statement.

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