Papa John's: John Schnatter is Harming Company
Papa John's: John Schnatter is Harming Company

A statement issued by an independent special committee of the Papa John’s board of directors accuses the ousted CEO of hurting the business and its franchisees.

Papa John’s leadership is accusing former CEO John Schnatter of harming the company with his frequent public comments, including those made on his newly launched website, which purports the intention to "Save Papa John's."

On Wednesday, a special committee of franchise's board of directors released a letter addressing the ousted founder and CEO's recent comments regarding the pizza chain.

“Schnatter is harming the company, not helping it, as evidenced by the negative impact his comments and actions have had on our business and that of our franchisees,” the letter said. “We have tried to meet directly with John Schnatter to discuss how we can move forward in the best interest of all stakeholders."

The special committee was created to evaluate and improve the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion after Schnatter's resignation, which came after news broke that he had used the n-word in a conference call in May. Schnatter has said he regrets his decision to resign and has since been outspoken about his disagreements with the company he founded.

Read the full letter here.