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Pet Wants Awards Five New Territories, Prepares for Explosive Growth Across Texas

The pet health and wellness franchise is growing in major Texas markets as it pursues rapid growth across the state.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 6:18PM 06/18/24

With 140-plus locations nationwide, Pet Wants, the pet health and wellness franchise that offers specially crafted, private-label pet food, has built a strong foundation and continues to grow in major markets. Recently, it has awarded five new territories in Texas and continues to drive aggressive growth across the state. Because of the size of the state and range of demographics that exist across it, Pet Wants has an opportunity to grow in multiple markets, providing truly customized pet care and resources to each.

“We have the full gamut in Texas,” said Sharmeen Jilla, a Dallas franchisee. “We have anything from rural farmers to major businesses, and it’s interesting because it’s so massive … But regardless of our customers’ professions and lifestyles, having multiple dogs is not uncommon. We have one customer who has 11 dogs.”

“In the more rural and suburban areas, Pet Wants can do well in a farmer’s market model. People will wait until Saturday to go to the market and get their eggs, chicken and dog food,” she said. “In Dallas, we don’t have that farmer’s market culture; it’s very much a city. I live in a higher-income area, and there are a lot of ‘Whole Foods’ families with dogs. Pet Wants is like Whole Foods for dogs, so that appealed to me from a business perspective.”

Dylan Hodge, a Houston franchisee, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing just how dedicated Texans are to their pets.

“There’s high demand in the Houston area. There are a lot of pets, and it’s an active community,” he said. “We see a lot of community engagement, and I think that speaks a lot to the Pet Wants brand. It’s a community that wants to do the best, especially by their pets, so the boutique experience and specially formulated food fits right in.”

Hodge himself is one of these dedicated pet owners. With four dogs, many of them rescues, he is a true animal lover and wants to support his neighbors in caring for their own animals just the same.

“Pet Wants ownership fulfills something I always wanted to do, which is working in a franchise system, and unites that dream with my love of pets,” he said.

Hodge and Jilla are prime examples of the opportunity that exists for prospective Pet Wants owners in Texas, and the brand is not slowing down. With room for more franchises across the state, Pet Wants continues to target growth in Texas and partnership with passionate entrepreneurs.

As it grows, Pet Wants is specifically looking to partner with franchisees who recognize the potential that exists in the market and are ready to scale to create the biggest impact on their communities.

“I don’t think you could go wrong in Texas,” Hodge said. “With the growth we’ve seen, everyone seems to want to move here. Because of that growing demand, I think anywhere in Texas could be a successful market for a Pet Wants franchise.”

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