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Pet Wants is a pet health and wellness company that strives to improve the nutrition, health, vitality, and well-being of pets. Founded in 2010, the brand’s specially crafted, private-label pet food formulas are made in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients complete with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl, all made in the USA. Pet Wants has set a new standard in what you should expect in your pet food through their 140+ locations across the United States. To learn more about Pet Wants, visit or follow Pet Wants on LinkedIn, @petwantsusa on Facebook, @petwants on Twitter and Instagram.

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$137,850 - $219,000
Start-Up Cost
Initial Franchise Fee

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Founded more than a decade ago, Pet Wants, the only national provider of pet food freshly delivered to customers, has become a household name for pet owners and franchise professionals across the U.S.. Now, with plans to have over 200 units open in 2024, the time has never been better for savvy entrepreneurs to leverage the support of Pet Wants’ proven brand and business model to enter the booming pet food market. 

Pet Wants is seeking qualified, passionate franchisee candidates in markets across the U.S., starting with Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, Texas, and Arizona where the franchise is looking to take advantage of valuable white space before the end of the year.

Whether it’s a tiny, toy breed of dog or a beloved family cat, Pet Wants has the perfect option for all pets. The brand’s pet food is made with fresh, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals, free from potentially harmful fillers, bad ingredient choices and animal byproducts that make other pet foods bad for four-legged friends.

Instead of manufacturing tons of kibble at once, Pet Wants manufactures food every month and ships the optimal amount of food directly to franchise owners to maintain freshness. Best of all, Pet Wants’ foods are offered at a price that’s typically far lower than the prescription diets veterinarians are trying to convince pet owners to buy.

With Pet Wants, pet owners get all the benefits of fresh, nutrient-dense food and the convenience of home delivery — without any of the hassles. Offering free customized nutrition consultations is another component that sets the brand apart, and truly positions them as the resource in animal health and wellness, second only to the vet.

Over the past decade, the amount of money Americans spend on pets has more than doubled, and pet food and treats make up the biggest portion of the national pet food market at $42 billion annually. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, when brands across most segments were scaling back and struggling to stay afloat, the pet industry thrived, in large part because of the dramatic spike in pet ownership that began at the start of the pandemic and continues today. Spending on quality, nutritional pet food is at an all-time high, which makes it a great time to own a Pet Wants franchise. In the past year alone, Pet Wants has experienced a 44% increase in consumer spending.

The ideal Pet Wants franchise owner has a deep passion for pets, and believes in the value of nutrition. Franchisees should also have a desire to educate clients: Pet Wants is a new-to-market product, and many pet owners won’t understand the value of serving fresh pet foods to their pets. Pet Wants owners need to be passionate about sharing their knowledge and actively growing their brand. That is why Pet Wants isn’t a business for the absentee owner. Pet Wants franchisees are active, vital parts of their business, taking part every day in overseeing its operations. Most importantly, they’re entrepreneurs driven by the desire to grow a business and generate revenue.

Pet Wants is a low-cost investment opportunity in a high-demand industry with a scalable storefront model. Franchise business owners start mobile or event-based and focus on acquiring subscription delivery customers and building connections with local pet parents in their first year. After the first year, franchisees add the launch of their retail pet store and grooming center that sells Pet Wants food, custom treats, and high-end pet accessories. 

Pet Wants is the only franchise concept in the pet food industry with a Winner’s Circle Program, which gives franchise business owners the opportunity to reduce their investment costs and earn back the $42,500 (retail) initial franchise fee as they achieve certain milestones with the business.

While the cost to start the franchise is affordable, the concept offers a high value proposition. The brand’s multi-pronged process for client acquisition will allow franchisees to quickly and effectively tap into the growing pet food industry as the only national provider of pet food freshly delivered to customers. The Pet Wants marketing team continues to find ways to increase brand recognition through national and regional advertising campaigns.

When it comes to the simplicity of the operations, Pet Wants exclusive premium fresh pet foods are manufactured in the brand’s U.S. facility and shipped in small batches directly to Pet Wants franchises, which means franchisees enjoy exclusivity when it comes to customer demand. Franchisees will also have access to a training and development curriculum that provides the tools to become an expert in the field of pet nutrition so they can offer more than just great products. The team’s expert knowledge will help franchisees establish credibility when they talk to prospective customers about their pets’ needs. 

The operations team will also help owners get on the best path to success by providing support with turn-key digital and print marketing collateral ranging from business cards, brochures and signs, to even vehicle wraps. The team’s marketing experts provide a plethora of fresh, engaging digital content for social media accounts, and work with franchisees to improve the search engine rank of their customized website through organic SEO and paid ads.

Executive Q&A

Executive Q&A with Pet Wants

Executive Q&A: Pet Wants President DeNita Carani

1851: How was the Pet Wants brand started?

DeNita Carani: Our founders had pets who were dealing with consistent health issues. They sought out the advice of other pet stores, veterinarians, friends and family and really could not find the solution. They were convinced that nutrition was the answer. So, they worked on their own formula of nutrition-dense pet food, found a manufacturer who could make it in small batches and the Pet Wants brand was born. They opened a small retail location in Findlay Market in downtown Cincinnati and began to deliver that high-quality, healthy pet food throughout the city. 

The Pet Wants concept began to franchise in 2015 and connected with Strategic Franchising Systems shortly after to help spearhead growth. There was an initial rush of interest and we primarily grew throughout the Midwest. Around 2017, we had some national exposure and some good momentum, but the COVID-19 pandemic is really what sped up our growth. There was a large influx of pet owners and many people in general began to prioritize nutrition, both for themselves and for their pets. 

1851: What void did Pet Wants set out to fill?

Carani: The void that we were looking to fill and that we are still filling today is the gap between the very top of the market — expensive fresh pet food that is difficult to store and prepare — and the other end of the spectrum — cheap kibble that can be conveniently be bought at big box retailers but doesn’t have much nutritional value. We wanted to provide high nutrition in a convenient way that fits any family’s budget and lifestyle. 

The big piece that goes along with this mission is also providing nutritional expertise. In so many cases, pet owners are struggling to do their own research, but with Pet Wants, we train our franchisees to be nutritional experts in their own communities. They engage with customers and understand the needs of each and every individual pet, making recommendations based on that knowledge. That was really missing in the marketplace. 

1851: What makes Pet Wants a strong franchise?

Carani: The financial opportunity in the pet industry, which recently exceeded $100 billion, has exploded over the last three years and shows no signs of slowing down. And about $50 billion of that is spent on food and treats alone. The business model continues to attract candidates because of the unique segment we go after and the gap that we are trying to fill. 

The start up costs needed to open a Pet Wants are also very attractive and allows aspiring business owners to gain access to the pet space at a fraction of the cost of most other pet retailers. Our model allows you to start the business as a mobile franchise and build brand recognition in your community, before investing in the build-out of a retail space sometimes towards the end of the first year. This allows you to learn the ropes of the business while still generating cash flow.

1851: Who is the ideal Pet Wants franchisee?

Carani: All of our franchise owners are passionate about health, nutrition and pets. I have not met a franchise owner yet that does not have pets of their own. They love all the pets that they meet in the course of conducting business. They should also be life-long learners, eager to understand how nutrition can help pets and customers. 

The ideal Pet Wants franchisee has a passion for being in business for themselves but does not want to be by themselves. It is somebody that really has that entrepreneurial spirit and wants to be that pillar in their community as they are going to have to get out and meet a lot of people. They also need to be able to follow a proven model and engage with us as a true partner. If they do all that, they will be successful. 

1851: How does Pet Wants support franchisees?

Carani: Immediately after signing their franchise agreement, incoming franchisees will work with an onboarding coach, who will take them through four to six weeks of preparation. That is where we begin to teach them about pet nutrition and the business model.

From there, they will then come to our Cincinnati office for a week of hands-on training about how to market their business, prepare proprietary spa products, drive mobile events, speak with customers and educate pet owners on nutrition. We are really going over their business planning and projections. They spend a full 40 hours in the classroom. Then, the onboarding specialist stays with them for the next 60 days, allowing them to get their feet on the ground. Franchisees also have access to a long-term business coach who meets with them on an ongoing basis to review results, and we also host monthly webinars, regional sessions and more for our network of owners. The learning never stops. 

1851: What does the future of Pet Wants look like?

Carani: In 2023, we want to add 30 new units into our system. Long-term, our target is to be at 200 units by 2025. We recently added grooming as a key component of our business, so all new franchisees will be offering that service in upcoming locations. Many existing franchisees are also retrofitting their locations to offer those services as well. Overall, our goal is to create long-term profitability for our franchisees and expand our footprint across the country. 

The total investment necessary to begin the operation of a Pet Wants Franchise is between $130,350 to $202,000, including a $42,500 franchise fee that can be earned back through the brand’s Winner’s Circle program. For more information, visit:

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