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Why Choose a Pet Wants Franchise When Entering the Pet Industry?

With a distinctive approach to pet nutrition and business operations, Pet Wants aims to stand out with a commitment to health, freshness and education.

It’s no secret that the pet industry is booming —  people spent a whopping $136 billion on their furry friends last year, according to Forbes, with 66% of U.S. households — 86.9 million homes — reporting that they own a pet. And whether it be training, grooming, boarding or retail, there is certainly no shortage of pet-related franchise concepts available out there designed to satisfy this demand. With numerous options to choose, many prospective franchisees may be asking themselves — which ones lead the pack? 

Pet Wants has firmly established itself as a leader in the booming pet industry, blending high-quality, fresh pet food with an innovative franchise model that appeals to a growing number of pet owners and entrepreneurs alike. 

"When it comes to franchisees, the first thing I would emphasize is the importance of comparing total investment to Average Unit Volume (AUV),” said DeNita Carani, president of Pet Wants. “When you do, you'll discover that our ratio is the best in the industry. Other pet franchises might have a higher AUV, but their initial investment is significantly higher. Alternatively, their initial investment might be lower, but their AUV suffers in comparison. If you're seeking the best value in the pet space, our brand stands out as the top choice.”

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Pet Wants franchise is between $137,850 to $219,000, according to Item 7 of the Pet Wants 2024 FDD, while reported ROI for the first quartile of store franchises comes in at $1.1 million, according to Item 19. 

So, how does Pet Wants achieve these impressive results?

"We're very particular about the products we carry, focusing on quality ingredients and proprietary formulations,” said Carani. “Our food is prepared at low temperatures and is typically delivered to customers within weeks, not months. This process, combined with the high-quality ingredients, results in a product that's far more nutritious and fresher than what's typically available.”

Pet Wants’ pet food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Pet food nutrient profiles for “All Life Stages.” This makes it easy for pet parents to care for and love their pets by providing them with delicious, natural and fresh pet food enhanced with vitamins and minerals that promote the best nutrition, health, vitality and well-being possible.

Instead of manufacturing tons of kibble at once, Pet Wants manufactures food every six weeks and ships the optimal amount of food directly to franchise owners to maintain freshness. This supply chain model also allows the brand to offer a price that is typically far lower than prescription diets.

Another compelling aspect of the Pet Wants model is its focus on educating pet owners, says Carani. Pet Wants team members are trained to make educated recommendations based on the health and wellness of each pet, a level of service that Carani believes sets the brand apart from competitors.

“Our customers can come into the store and talk to one of our experts about the best food for their pet, or they can order online and set up a monthly subscription for auto-delivery,” said Carani. “It is really a unique offering. Our retail stores are not your traditional pet supply stores. It is more like a small town pet boutique or nutrition center. Customers don’t need to come into the store, but they often want to because they know they will have access to an expert to answer all of their questions. By having that anchor in the market, franchise owners can really fill a void in their community.” 

In addition to standing out for the consumer, Pet Wants' franchise model is designed to stand out for entrepreneurs as well. 

“Just like we place a strong emphasis on education for the consumer, we also focus on education for our franchisees,” said Carani. “We support franchise owners comprehensively. For example, we employ a full-time nutrition specialist whose role is to educate our franchisees, who can then educate our staff, who can then educate our customers about pet health and nutrition. We have all the resources in place to ensure our franchise owners aren’t just another pet food store.”

Pet Wants franchisees can also leverage a unique, scalable business model that starts as an event-based, mobile business and eventually leads to a brick-and-mortar retail pet store and grooming center that sells food, custom treats and high-end pet accessories. 

“This enables them to begin generating revenue and connecting with the community even as they're setting up their retail space,” said Carani. “This aspect is a significant differentiator, especially compared to other pet retail concepts that lack community interaction and revenue generation before a retail store is operational."

Taking all these differentiators into account, perhaps it's no wonder the Pet Wants brand added a record-breaking number of new locations in 2023. Looking ahead, Pet Wants aims to surpass the 200-unit mark by the end 2024.

"If you are looking for the best value in the pet space, this brand is the best value,” said Carani. “Pet Wants continues to set the standard for pet food quality and franchisee support, promising an exciting future for both pet owners and entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the lives of pets and their families.”

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