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Pool Scouts Taps Into Industry Talent to Build Corporate Team

Franchise Pro Timothy Holadia and Pool Expert Todd Crowe Bring Experience to Build Emerging Concept

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SPONSORED 2:14PM 09/27/17

For a brand that is less than two years old, Pool Scouts is stacked with a growing team of industry experts to build its national presence. This summer, the brand made two key hires from the pool and franchise industries who are sure to make a lasting impact both on the growth and operations aspects of the business.

Timothy Holadia joins the brand with more than 16 years of experience in franchise development. The former VP of Development at Geeks on Call and most recently, CEO & Founder of FRANMOGUL, has worked with more than 80 brands to grow their franchise networks and saw Pool Scouts’ huge potential to scale quickly and successfully.

“I was attracted to the approach that Pool Scouts takes regarding growth,” Holadia said. “The team is committed to finding the right franchisees who will be successful individually and, therefore, continue to make the brand successful as a whole.”

The brand’s new Director of Operations Todd Crowe brings a similar veteran status to his new role. Crowe has more than 20 years of pool industry experience, 10 of which were spent with PoolCorp. in corporate distribution. After learning about Pool Scouts in its infancy, Crowe saw an opportunity to join the business that he helped develop in its early stages.

“I was drawn to Pool Scouts because of the professional level of business that the brand brings to an industry with a typically unprofessional image,” Crowe said. “While the franchise industry is new to me, my long history with the pool industry will allow me to help our teams find ways to provide more preventative services for pools rather than being reactive to our clients’ problems.”

Now with locations in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Florida and New Jersey, Pool Scouts is serving some states in the U.S. with the highest number of pools and each region has different needs for service.

Crowe explained that part of his role will be to educate franchisees in various markets about nuances of the pool service industry in different parts of the country. For example, in Florida, pools are screened in and usually smaller than pools in Texas which are often uncovered and large.

As the brand looks toward 2018, Holadia said growth trajectory is focused on the Northeast region of the United States as well as areas of Arizona, Texas, Florida and California. As the brand scales, the addition of both Holadia and Crowe’s skills will be essential to success.

“It isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about the people,” said Pool Scouts President Michael Wagner. “We need to think, act, measure and repeat our processes to make the right business decisions. We owe it to our franchisees who are looking at us and expecting us to stay ahead of the curve.”

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