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Veteran Franchise Owner Brings First Pool Scouts to Alabama

Ron Hicks, a recently signed franchisee in the Huntsville, Alabama area, is leveraging two decades of military experience to bring a new level of professional pool service to his community.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 12/03/21

Pool Scouts, the pool cleaning and maintenance franchise with 101 territories nationwide, has always valued professionalism, reliability and commitment. As the pool cleaning industry booms and the Pool Scouts franchise opportunity becomes more popular than ever — the brand has signed a whopping 20 new franchisees and 39 purchased territories year-to-date — these core values continue to appeal specifically to veteran entrepreneurs looking for their next adventure.

Ron Hicks, for example, is a recently signed Pool Scouts franchisee in Huntsville, Alabama, who served in the Army for 24 years before deciding to transition into small business ownership.

“When I left the Army, I worked for the Red Zone test center,” said Hicks. “I ran the logistics of the company. From there, I started a photography company with my wife called CMore NU photography. I went to some classes and realized that I wanted to own a small business after my retirement.”

As opposed to starting a business from scratch, Hicks says he quickly realized he would be better suited to follow a proven model — similar to how he thrived in the military. 

“With franchising, there is already a path of how to run your business, and you have people working with you,” Hicks said. “Essentially, you don't have to do everything by yourself. I looked at many different brands and looked at the pros and cons of each business. I wanted a business that would be sustainable and reliable and would allow me to provide a valuable service to my community.”

When Hicks discovered Pool Scouts, it checked many of his boxes. Additionally, Hicks says he recognized the well-positioned nature of the brand’s business model coming out of the pandemic. Pool sales in general have tripled this year due to the thousands of new pools installed during the pandemic as families spent more time in their outdoor spaces. These new pool owners need help with upkeep, and Pool Scouts is uniquely primed to satisfy this demand with quality and professional maintenance services. As a result, more and more savvy entrepreneurs like Hicks are recognizing Pool Scouts’ recession- and pandemic-proof business opportunity.

“Right now, we are in a COVID-19 environment, and pools are a great way to bring entertainment,” said Hicks. “It is an industry that has been very successful throughout COVID-19.”

Pool Scouts offers franchisees the opportunity to take advantage of this demand with an affordable and efficient business model; a value proposition that positions itself at the front of a fragmented industry; multiple revenue streams; established brand consistency, thanks to its parent company Buzz Franchise Brands; and reliable and professional customer service. 

“Pool Scouts is not only a cost-friendly business, but it is also a recurring revenue model,” said Hicks. “I can come back every year and grow with the brand.” 

Speaking of growth, Hicks says he hopes to come out of the first year with 100 to 150 customers and eventually open more territories down the line as he continues to satisfy the homeowners in his community.

“I believe in treating people right,” Hicks said. “I want to be there to help families so they do not have to worry about their pool cleaning labor. I want to be the person people trust to work for them. I have taken care of soldiers, so I can take care of your pool! Being in the military allowed me to grow with the soldiers and their families, and now I’m excited to have the opportunity to grow with the Pool Scouts family.”

And the Pool Scouts team is equally excited. Brian Garrison, the COO of Buzz Franchise Brands and a veteran himself, says Hicks’ military experience will translate well to the operational side of franchising. Garrison served in the Navy for 22 years in a variety of leadership roles, including command of an F18 squadron, before retiring in 2012. Now, he utilizes his experience in the Navy to help streamline operations for Buzz Franchise Brands concepts and position franchise owners like Hicks for success.

“Veterans really make the best franchisees because of their skill sets, passion, leadership and ability to follow a proven system,” Garrison said. “I’m proud to support entrepreneurs like Ron Hicks and help them achieve their dream of business ownership.”

Looking ahead, Pool Scouts hopes to see additional units signed by the end of the year in identified markets primed for growth, including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Atlanta. 

The startup costs for a Pool Scouts franchise range from $85,400 to $138,300. To learn more about franchising with Pool Scouts, visit

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