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A Rare Chance to Join a Category Creator: Why Preservan's Eco-Smart Wood Repair Franchise Is One of 2024’s Most Exciting Home Service Businesses

For those aspiring to make a meaningful impact, Preservan represents not just a low-cost business opportunity, but a chance to be part of an epoxy wood rot repair and wood restoration franchise that has saved homeowners nearly $5 million last year alone.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
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Preservan, the emerging home services franchise, is inviting entrepreneurs to join not just a category disruptor, but a category creator. Founded by Ty McBride, a visionary with two decades of experience in construction and home services, Preservan completely transforms the way wood rot repair and remediation is handled by leveraging a 100% epoxy solution to repair wood, rather than replace it. Today, Preservan's journey from a humble garage-based operation to a flourishing franchise concept is a story of innovation, community spirit and environmental stewardship. 

“The story of our brand was built out of a commitment to our family, our neighbors, our community and our planet,” said McBride. “Our service is environmentally-friendly and sustainable just by the nature of what we do. We save the future by preserving the past. We want to make our built environments last longer. That impacts our planet for the better by using less resources.”

Now, with big growth plans on the horizon and available territories all over the country, Preservan is aiming to restore and preserve the grain of American homes, one franchise at a time.

From the Garage to Nationwide Franchising

McBride's entry into franchising is as organic as the wood he restores, beginning with a personal project in his century-old garage.

“I've been in the construction industry and home service industry for about 20 years, but around seven years ago, I started restoring wood windows in my garage,” said McBride. “I live in a house that's 110 years old, and I got turned on to some awesome repair methods that the National Park Service uses, like epoxy resins.”

Fueled by a passion for community service and equipped with these innovative repair methods, McBride realized he had tapped into a profound need in his neighborhood — affordable and efficient wood rot repair. 

“We realized we could repair a lot of wood-related problems like rot, termites and other deterioration, instead of replacing the wood, which saves people a ton of time and money," McBride said. “Hiring contractors is a hassle, and a lot of our neighbors were stressed about unreliable service and high costs.”

With an aim to do things differently, McBride started Preservan Wood Rot Repair in Oklahoma City, spending the next five years growing the business and perfecting the model, from technician recruitment to pricing and digital marketing. 

“It took years to nail down pricing — we spent five years charging not enough, borrowing money to make it work,” said McBride. “We evaluated the cost of labor, what kind of labor was in our market and what it would cost to recruit amazing technicians and retain them. We compared it against things like the cost of a replacement door or window and built our price from there. We’ve put a lot of work into perfecting the business model.”

The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the demand for home repairs, as people spent more time at home and wanted to improve their living spaces. While labor and material shortages affected other contractors, McBride’s business remained resilient. 

By prioritizing transparency and offering an alternative 100% epoxy solution to replacing wood, McBride carved out a unique position in the $657 billion home services market, with a heavy focus on windowsdoors and architectural wood restoration

The success of his approach and the unmet demand across the country encouraged McBride to take the next step: franchising. Today, Preservan has grown to include five territories across the country, including Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Orlando, Greensboro and Nashville. 

Laying the Foundation of a Great Franchise

So, what sets Preservan apart in the crowded market of home service franchises? For one, McBride says its a foundational philosophy of repair over replacement. With an impressive track record of saving clients 90% of costs compared to replacements, Preservan is not just a business but a beacon of hope and relief for homeowners. 

“We've really created a new category in the home services market — our goal isn’t to see how much we can charge you, it's how much we can save you," McBride said. “People often dread having work done in their homes, but imagine the gratitude they feel towards someone who genuinely saves them money and hassle? Our approach often moves homeowners to tears with the savings we provide. This approach completely revolutionizes the typical business model. Instead of causing inconvenience, we arrive at homes to provide a service that significantly enhances their day."

While most organizations track their success based on revenue, the only numbers Preservan cares about are savings. Last year alone, Preservan saved homeowners over $5.5 million. By 2030, the brand aims to reach a whopping $500 million in total savings. 

And this unique approach not only offers significant cost savings to homeowners but also aligns with the brand's commitment to environmental sustainability. “The core of Preservan's franchise model is its deep-seated values of sustainability,” said McBride. “It's not just something we say. It is the heart of everything we do.”

Each Preservan franchise owner works alongside 1% For the Planet, for example, a global network of thousands of businesses and environmental organizations that donate one percent of all revenue to environmental causes. And unlike other home services franchises, there are no wasteful, fuel-burning trips to the home center or lumber yard — Preservan franchise owners drive fuel-efficient Kia’s and produce less than 1lb of landfill waste per job.

In terms of franchisee support, Preservan's training program is as unique as its service offering. The brand invests heavily in developing its technicians, called EpoxyTechs, for example, with a unique epoxy technician certification program, complete with KPIs and a comprehensive training manual, to help franchisees fight a tight labor market.

“Our training goes beyond the basics, aiming to impart a deeper understanding of our brand values to our franchisees,” said McBride. “We maintain a close connection with our franchisees as they serve their communities.”

As a home-based business with start-up costs that range from just $81,400 to $130,000, Preservan is an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking for a lower-cost franchise opportunity. In terms of earnings potential, the company-owned affiliate location in Oklahoma City saw gross revenue of $321,585, a gross profit of $209,708, an average project cost of $1,526 and a gross profit margin of 65%, according to the brand’s most recent Item 19.*

“Our focus extends beyond just providing affordable and sustainable options for homeowners — it's also about ensuring we are equally committed to our franchisees’ success in their business endeavors,” said Magon Hoffman, Preservan's Marketing Director. “This commitment remains central to every aspect of our business.”

A Bright Future Ahead

Looking towards the future, Preservan aims to expand its reach, focusing on markets with a high demand for wood rot remediation. "By the end of 2024, we hope to have 20 total territories," McBride said. “The brand's strategy involves identifying areas with significant environmental needs and historic structures, ensuring our services are not only effective but essential.”

McBride says the team envisions a presence in every major metro market and are particularly targeting the Southeast U.S. to start. The USDA has determined that wood deterioration is high or severe in 50% of the country and Preservan is currently the only home services franchise in the U.S. that is solely dedicated to fixing wood rot.

“Our growth strategy is responsibility-driven,” McBride said. “Our territory sizes vary based on environmental demand and the need for wood rot remediation in different regions.”

When it comes to the ideal Preservan franchise owner, they are not required to have any construction experience, nor will they be required to obtain a contractors license in most cases. Instead, McBride says there is one character trait that is a must-have: a steward mindset. “They tend to be deeply concerned with taking care of their home, family and community,” said McBride. “If they possess this mindset, aligning with our goals becomes quite straightforward.”

Overall, Preservan stands as a testament to the potential of franchising to effect real change. With a model built on sustainability, community involvement and innovative service, it offers an opportunity for potential franchisees to not only build a winning business, but to contribute to the greater good (and the greater wood) along the way. 

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*To learn more, please see the brand’s 2023 franchise disclosure document’s Item 19.