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Preservan Wood Rot Repair on Track to Double Its Footprint in 6 Months With Recent Development

The wood rot repair franchise awarded seven new territories in the first half of the year, and it is preparing to grow its active footprint from five to 10 territories in the coming months.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 2:14PM 07/03/24

Preservan, the emerging wood rot repair franchise, is prepared for a strong second half of 2024 after incredible progress in the first two quarters. This year, the brand opened a new territory in Nashville, Tennessee, and signed agreements for seven more territories across Athens, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; and Jacksonville, Florida. With additional interest in Texas, Florida and North Carolina, CEO Ty McBride says the brand is on track to see exponential growth in the coming months.

Preservan is on the path to go from five locations to 10 in about six months,” McBride said. “But what all of this means for us is that we’re having an even bigger impact on our neighborhoods. For us, this is about helping people preserve their homes and the things on their house rather than going into debt to replace them.”

McBride explained that, typically, Preservan repair services cost about 90% less than what a homeowner would pay to replace the same item.

“Based on this math, across all of our locations, Preservan has saved American homeowners $6 million in home renovation and repair expenses in six months,” McBride said. “That’s just crazy exciting. And when I think about territory count and number of franchises, I’m thinking of the people who are going to help us grow that number. By adding these franchises, that means that, this time next year, that number could be $12 to $20 million saved for American homeowners.”

In addition to the money saved for homeowners, Preservan is also making a notable environmental impact, keeping building materials out of landfills and decreasing homeowners’ carbon footprints. 

Because of real estate instability, many homeowners are working to maintain and repair what they already have rather than trying to buy something new. But without solutions like Preservan, this can be a costly endeavor. According to Northstar Clean Technologies, the home remodeling market in the U.S. was worth over $340 billion in 2020 and on track to continue growing through 2027; each renovation contributing to this market growth creates about 60 pounds of waste per square foot.

Preservan helps homeowners avoid all these costs with its proprietary epoxy-based repair technology. In the current economic, real estate and business landscape, this makes Preservan both an incredibly meaningful opportunity for investors and an important resource for homeowners.

“As we grow, we’re building this snowball of impact. And I have this idea or goal, that I have fully embraced, for Preservan to save American homeowners a combined half a billion dollars by 2030,” McBride said. “That’s what I want to see us do, and seeing our recent growth is like watching this plan come to fruition.”

To continue expansion in markets nationwide, McBride said Preservan will focus on partnering with local entrepreneurs who are going to get “crazy excited” about serving their neighbors, reducing waste, helping people avoid repair-related debt and preserving local gems.

“There is something really special with Preservan. Our franchisees get to enjoy the special excitement of knowing that they’re doing good for their neighborhood, their city and their planet,” McBride said. “We will match people with the best territory for their passions, capitalization and local connections so our franchisees can get really ingrained in their community and maintain that excitement for the work they’re doing.”


Preservan Wood Rot Repair is a category-creating franchise in the home services industry specializing in eco-friendly wood restoration and repair that preserves building materials instead of replacing them. Established by industry veteran Ty McBride, Preservan stands out because of its unique 100% epoxy-based wood rot repair technology that offers a sustainable alternative to traditional wood replacement. This method saves homeowners millions of dollars each year while preserving architectural heritage and craftsmanship. With nearly two decades of experience, the brand has evolved into a national franchise with locations across Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Today, Preservan provides a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a low-cost, high-impact franchise in the booming home services sector. For more information, visit: