Print + Promo: Welcomemat Services Elaborates on Marketing Processes
Print + Promo: Welcomemat Services Elaborates on Marketing Processes

Founder Brian Mattingly deep dives into the marketing strategy that targets new movers nationally

With a range of marketing options to choose from, it's difficult to find the best option to reach a business's target audience. This is where data marketing becomes a vital resource to almost any organization. However, implementing this strategy involves a few key steps, one of which is asking the right questions in order to narrow in on your business's objective.

"Data collection is very industry-centric," according to Welcomemat Services CEO Brian Mattingly. "For example, an auto center wants to store vehicle type, year and model, last service data, last oil change date, etc. They may also want to try to capture email and physical address information, so they can set up an automation scheduled based on the collected data to send out reminders about upcoming service needs, service tips, etc."

The shop's goal is to maintain their current customer base whereas a newer business would work to grow. Because of this, the way they work to gather data should be different.
The next key aspect of data marketing involves checking in throughout the process to ensure you vet out what's not working from what is.

"Monitoring the success of campaigns should be an indicator as to the value of the data points being targeted," said Mattingly in an interview with Print+Promo. "Understanding open and click-through rates on email can help determine the success of data-driven campaigns. On the direct mail side, it's important to understand redemption levels through tracking; this too will be an indicator of campaign success."

One case study of a successful data-driven campaign helped lead to increased sales for a client of Welcomemat's. According to Mattingly, the brand narrowed a locally owned pizzeria's target demographic down to the sex, salary range, and age. The business owner then purchased a sign and placed it near the community's little league football field, assuming this would reach his audience. In doing so, the pizza shop owner tremendously increased his customer base, creating a line out the door of his restaurant during Saturday lunch.

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