QSR: 3 Features Brands Should Borrow from Fast Casual
QSR: 3 Features Brands Should Borrow from Fast Casual

JLL Managing Director Steve Jones expounds on lessons brands can learn from fast-casual market.

Photo Credit: Rob Wilson / Shutterstock.com 

The fast-casual market has left old-fashioned fast food in the dust, and there are plenty of lessons to be learned by various brands, according to QSR.

Steve Jones, managing director at Jones Lang LaSalle, broke these lessons down into the three F’s: fast, fresh and friendly.

“What I think these quick-serve restaurants are starting to recognize is they’ve got to be doing that,” he told QSR.

While fast-food establishments already have one F down pat, it’s the other two they need to work on.

“The fresh is in the quality of the food, but I would also refer to that as the freshness of the store,” Jones said. “First of all, is the restaurant clean? Has it been updated?”

As far as friendly, Jones spotlighted Chick-fil-A as a brand that understands how to do customer service right.

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