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QSR: Dairy Queen Offering New $5 Buck Lunch in January

DQ plans to bring the biggest value meals to the restaurant industry.

To kick off the new year, Dairy Queen is offering several $5 Buck Lunch options, like the Deluxe Bacon Cheeseburger. All $5 Buck Lunch options include a sundae, too. For an extra dollar, customers can upgrade from a sundae to a Blizzard Treat, which includes salty caramel truffles, toffee, cocoa fudge and vanilla soft serve.

“As we move into the post-holiday shopping season, consumers are ready for a value they can really sink their teeth into. We have that and more for them with our $5 Buck Lunch,” said Barry Westrum, American Dairy Queen Corporation executive vice president of marketing. “Our new Deluxe Bacon Cheeseburger is the ultimate in taste and an irresistible reward for our fans. This limited time offer is a massive, mouthwatering bacon cheeseburger that is ready to satisfy any appetite. We are excited to kick off the New Year with delicious flavors, unbeatable prices and incredible variety.”

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