QSR: Dog Haus’ $500 Million Plan to Become a Household Name
QSR: Dog Haus’ $500 Million Plan to Become a Household Name

New development deal means major growth for California-based Dog Haus.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dog Haus, chances are you’ll become very familiar with the gourmet hot dog, sausage and burger concept of the next few years. Based in California, Dog Haus is slated to open 300 locations within the next seven years following a deal with American Development Partners valued at more than $500 million, reports QSR.

With plans for expansion in over a dozen new states, most locations will be constructed with the intention of running as stand-alone concepts.

“With this deal coming on and other operators coming in and developing, it’s better for the brand and for the individual stores all together because you get more of a critical mass and more people know about the brand,” Dog Hause partner Quasim Riaz told QSR. “It’s easier than being out there by yourself and operating two stores in a state, when neighboring states or neighboring cities within those states have other Dog Hauses as well.”

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