QSR: Gigi’s Cupcakes Launches Nationwide Delivery
QSR: Gigi’s Cupcakes Launches Nationwide Delivery

The gourmet cupcake franchise now delivers to locations throughout the continental U.S.

Gigi’s Cupcakes has launched a delivery program in all markets across the continental U.S.

According to a press release published on qsr.com, the delivery program, which launched yesterday, is designed more as a gift service than a traditional food delivery service. All goods are baked fresh for each order and delivered within one to two business days. Orders are placed through the Gigi’s Cupcakes website at www.gigiscupcakesusa.com.

“For years customers made it clear that Gigi’s needed to find alternative avenues to serve our many customers and fans who may not live close to a current bakery or want to send a delicious gift to friends, family or clients,” said Gigi’s Cupcakes CEO Judy Renfrow in the release. “This exciting initiative enables Gigi’s to access new and existing customers across the country while creating virtual bakeries in communities where we do not yet have a physical presence.”

Read the full press release at qsr.com.

Image courtesy of gigiscupcakesusa on Instagram.