QSR Magazine: Chipotle Denies Link to ‘Supergirl’ Actor’s Illness
QSR Magazine: Chipotle Denies Link to ‘Supergirl’ Actor’s Illness

The fast-casual denied claims, but it didn’t help settle the stock market’s reaction.

Actor Jeremy Jordan from “Supergirl” made claims last week that Chipotle immediately denied. According to a recent QSR Magazine article, shares of the fast-casual fell as much as 5.9 percent early Monday after Jordan posted an Instagram story on Thursday from a hospital bed. Jordan claimed that he almost died after eating Chipotle and that he was sick from the food.

Chipotle says there were no other reports of illness at that location and a spokesperson from the brand also added, “We were able to confirm that there were no reports of illness, all employees were healthy, and that all food protocols were followed and logged. 

The company’s shares fell and were at the lowest mark in almost five years after a surge in third quarter earnings. Food-safety incidents and a data breach earlier this year have created an uphill battle for the brand in 2017.

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