QSR Magazine: KFC Harnesses the Power of SnapChat
QSR Magazine: KFC Harnesses the Power of SnapChat

Targeting a younger audience, KFC looks to SnapChat to increase its influence with millennials.

KFC is targeting a new audience with its latest social media strategy. The brand hired SnapChat celebrity Michael Platco to record his experience at the Thanksgiving Day Parade as Colonel Sanders from the float. During the traditional holiday event, his SnapChat story reached nearly 2 million people, according to a recent QR Magazine article.

 “While watching the parade is often a Thanksgiving tradition for families, we know there is a large millennial audience that is tuned into social media, and not watching television,” says Staci Rawls, director of communications and public relations for KFC U.S. “Using an influencer enabled us to reach that audience, extending the parade content beyond the television screen.”

Close to 60 percent of Americans between 13 and 38 use SnapChat and seven out of 10 users are millennials. The brand is planning on continuing to target a younger audience with its use of social media with plans to start an Instagram program in January.

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