QSR Magazine: Mobile Ordering Races to a $38 Billion Future
QSR Magazine: Mobile Ordering Races to a $38 Billion Future

Quick-service restaurants see early success after implementing mobile ordering.

Profits from digital ordering are already starting to roll in for quick-service restaurants. According to a recent QSR Magazine article, Business Insider Intelligence reports that orders placed by smartphones and mobile apps are expected to become a $38 million industry by 2020. In 2016, more than 38 million Americans paid with their mobile devices because users are becoming more comfortable purchasing through an app with digital payment methods.

Brands who have invested in this type of technology are already seeing the benefits. For example, some pizza chains have seen an 18 percent increase in customer spend after implementing mobile and online ordering. That’s why 48 percent of quick-service restaurants are planning to add mobile technology to their strategies.

While digital ordering presents a great opportunity, it is also a challenge for many brands to take on within the system, train employees and integrate into workflows. Though most brands are seeing the financial and efficiency benefits are outweighing the upfront set-up costs.

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