QSR Magazine: Restaurants Need The Right Equipment To Succeed
QSR Magazine: Restaurants Need The Right Equipment To Succeed

Operators should not avoid costs of quality appliances that will help their restaurants succeed.

While customers may not see equipment changes or upgrades, new appliances can significantly improve the customer experience. According to a recent QSR Magazine article, when Johnny Rockets revamped their restaurants in 2012, few customers were aware of the back-of-house upgrades even though they made a big difference in their dining.

Although every operator may need different types of equipment to make their specialty menu items, they need quality appliances to give customers the best product they possibly can. The four key pieces of equipment that most brands will need to succeed include an oven, a refrigerator, dish washers and the make line.

Cory Damm, vice president of client services and general manager of the food and beverage market group at LeaseQ, says an operator can expect to spend an average of $200,000–$400,000 for a full equipment package.

Those numbers can certainly be intimidating. “Don’t let your cash constraints limit you from success,” Damm says. “Ask yourself: What do I need to get the job done the right way and plan for success, not mediocrity?”

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