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QSR: Quick Service’s Push for Healthier Cooking Oils

The demand for healthier cooking and frying oils increases at restaurants.

High usage of certain types of oils has been linked to a number of health issues, according to QSR. And at most restaurants, oils play a significant role in the food served. To tackle yet another challenge in making food at restaurants healthier, operators are focusing on using the healthiest oils possible.

“Anything a restaurant operator can do to make menu items healthier is a win,” Bonnie Riggs, foodservice analyst with market research firm The NPD Group, told QSR. “Consumers are showing they want better oils, fewer preservatives, cleaner ingredients.”

Riggs attributes this shift towards healthier menus to millennials. “Millennials and generation Z are behind this ever-evolving, increasing desire for better-for-you menu alternatives,” he added. “Because of the internet and social media, they are so much more savvy and aware of the impact things have on their bodies.”

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