QSR: The Evolution of the Next Emerging Chicken Chain
QSR: The Evolution of the Next Emerging Chicken Chain

Chicken restaurant PDQ plans to double their existing 55 unites by the end of 2018.

PDQ (People Dedicated to Quality) is a chicken chain working its way up to the big leagues. Currently, they have 55 units in small towns and cities across eight states, but are planning to double their presence and expand to other states along the way.

The chicken chain's approach has been a little unusual, not trying to be the coolest or in-demand brand around. “We like to affectionately refer to ourselves as that kid in high school who maybe wasn’t the coolest kid, but everybody liked. We can get along with anybody,” says PDQ co-founder and CEO Nick Reader. Along with the co-founder of Outback Steakhouse, Bob Basham, the two set out to create an approachable, quality restaurant that just about anyone would like.

Focusing mostly on their menu and customer service within the first few years of business, Reader and Basham are now trying to direct their attention to other areas, such as expansion. “The reality is that your people and hospitality never change,” Reader told QSR Magazine. “We always looked at it like this: Can we come to our restaurant every day and be proud of what we’re serving and who’s serving it? And if that’s good enough for us we always felt that was a recipe for success.”

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