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Renovation Sells Talks Selling Homes During a Pandemic With the Chicago Tribune

Michael Valente, Managing Partner at Renovations Sells, discusses the dos and don’ts of selling during the pandemic and offers insight into what buyers are looking for.

2020 has changed how we do everything, including selling homes.

The housing and real estate experts at Renovation Sells* are noticing new trends taking over the marketplace during COVID-19, which they detailed in a recent article in the Chicago Tribune.

Prior to 2020, many homeowners wanted large open floor plans that helped with entertaining guests. Now, many are trading that in for cozier homes with extra rooms. 

The reason? More space for at-home offices. With such high demand for this type of home, sellers are inclined now more than ever to make renovations to appeal to the new type of buyers. 

Michael Valente, Managing Partner at Renovation Sells, knows first hand how frustrating home renovations can be, and helped launch Renovation Sells as a solution to those headaches.  

“When you’ve got multiple trades involved — a floor guy, someone to do the counters, the backsplash needs a tile guy — that has to be controlled and managed in a specific order, we manage that process so the realtors don’t have to,” Valente told the Chicago Tribune. 

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