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Cincinnati Owner of Renovation Sells Discusses Her Journey to Entrepreneurship with the Home Renovation Brand

Renovation Sells makes it simple to get homes move-in ready to sell fast and at the highest price.

By Gabrielle GianinoContributor
SPONSORED 9:09AM 08/12/22

Renovation Sells, the fastest-growing presale home renovation franchise, helps both real estate agents and homeowners sell their homes for the highest amount possible with simple renovations. Lisa Masys, owner of Renovation Sells in Cincinnati, hopes to capitalize on the booming industry and bring this much-needed service to her local Ohio community.

Growing up, Masys’ mother was a successful real estate agent, and their family worked together to help prepare listings for the market. After graduating college and trying the typical nine-to-five job, Masys became an accredited home stager, which helped her transition to become a real estate agent herself. Now, she is thrilled to be able to build a fulfilling career with Renovation Sells.

“There is this true passion that I have,” said Masys. “Because I've been around the real estate market for so long, I want to serve homeowners and agents in getting a house to put its best foot forward.”

Click here to watch Masys’ full interview on YouTube.

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