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ReUp Living Sparks Tech-Powered Real Estate Franchise Revolution, Empowers Everyday People to Outsmart the Housing Market

Proprietary systems developed by leaders with tech and real estate backgrounds generate upside for homebuyers, sellers and franchisee partners alike, with 38 units open or in development.

By Jonathan RoseDirector of Content
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:22PM 04/09/24

Austin, Texas — ReUp Livingthe pre-listing renovation and technology solution that increases a home’s real estate value by remodeling it with no risk and upfront costs before selling, is ramping up growth through franchising as it continues to disrupt residential real estate transactions.

Founded by Ryan SawchukAndrew MitchellJustin Mattas and Alex Kassem — who bonded over a shared love of innovation and technology — ReUp Living is transforming the real estate process by updating tired homes with turnkey home improvements that require no upfront costs. The end result is maximized value for both parties.

Its suite of services also includes an enterprise platform, a certification program and an innovative revenue-sharing plan for its franchise partners.

"At ReUp, we're not just changing the game — we're creating a whole new playing field in real estate with our tech-first approach,” Sawchuk said. “Leveraging our own groundbreaking technology, we're unlocking limitless potential for homeowners and investors alike. This isn't just innovation; it's a revolution, and we're leading the charge. With ReUp, the possibilities are infinite, and we're just getting started."

A Revolution Is Born

ReUp Living was conceived when a friend’s personal situation led to the loss of a family home. Sawchuk saw the untapped potential in leveraging home data for remodeling and resale. With his own successful, rapid scaling of the sales team at cybersecurity giant CrowdStrike — and Mitchell's background in real estate and wealth management at companies like Sparrow Partners, J.P Morgan and PNC — they set out to create an "app store for the home," revolutionizing how we think about property transactions.

The result? A risk-free remodeling process and patented BASE Digital Twin technology that allows homeowners to renovate their homes with no upfront costs. This process, augmented by LiDAR scanning and comprehensive data analysis, ensures every renovation directly increases property value, benefiting both sellers and buyers.

"We're channeling that same drive, innovation and strategic acumen into ReUp Living that we did in our past successes,” Mitchell said. “We've seen firsthand how technology can disrupt industries, and we're applying those lessons to revolutionize real estate. Our journeys in cybersecurity and commercial real estate were just the beginning. Now, with ReUp, we're translating that success into creating unparalleled value in the real estate market.”

Unlocking New Horizons

The U.S. residential real estate market is valued at $52 trillion — 49% higher than it was just before the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020. And with that comes unprecedented opportunity.

ReUp Living helps buyers and sellers navigate that lucrative, complex and often intimidating world of real estate transactions. Its services address the need for a more transparent, efficient and profitable way to handle property transactions, setting a new standard in the industry.

The company transcends traditional real estate boundaries, offering a suite of services that includes BASE by ReUp for dynamic property visualization; innovative buyer's and seller’s programs; and profit-sharing models that align the interests of homeowners, franchisees and agents.

ReUp Living targets a diverse clientbase: Homeowners looking to sell, buyers looking for their dream home, and sharp franchisees seeking lucrative opportunities all stand to gain by leveraging ReUp’s technology and services.

How ReUp Maximizes Value Across the Transaction

ReUp’s Go Flip Yourself program assists buyers in finding and purchasing a fixer-upper. Those buyers can then choose from over 1 million combinations via Base’s Digital Twin that allows them to create their dream home. ReUp finances and manages the resulting renovation project by leveraging relationships with trusted, proven contractors who use quality materials. 

The Digital Twin is created using everyday tech combined with proprietary BASE software — a smartphone’s LiDAR sensors and cloud technology engage with ReUp’s powerful platform. 

With zero upfront payments due, pre-sale updates are accessible to everyone with ReUp. By removing the concerns of cash flow from the beginning, ReUp can start immediately after a contract is signed. And unlike traditional real estate transactions, ReUp covers the renovation costs and then splits the profit from increased home values, ensuring higher gains from real estate sales. The company can also simultaneously allow buyers to customize the new home while financing is closing. This alignment with buyer preferences on finishes, flooring, hardware, materials, and more allows for sellers and real estate agents to enjoy higher returns while buyers can customize the home they want. 

Franchisee partners also receive a commission on the sale. It’s a win-win-win.

On the enterprise side, ReUp Living provides a platform for real estate business development via BASE — an immersive 3D digital platform for home remodel, renovation and interior design. The BASE dashboard gathers data seamlessly via artificial intelligence-powered image recognition on all critical systems including HVAC, water control and major appliances. Homeowners and insurers are able to access the dashboard in real time for preventative maintenance and alerts.

An ‘Infinite Runway’ for Franchisee Partners

ReUp Living is a profitable entity initiating major contracts and set for exponential growth. Strategic market expansion and franchising are key focuses, with the aim of disrupting the real estate market on a global scale.

“We’re playing for billions here at ReUp,” Sawchuk said. “We have an infinite runway and see endless opportunity that grows more prime with every passing day.”

The founders’ ambitious vision emphasizes the importance of sales acumen and technological savvy. ReUp Living seeks franchisees who understand the ROI of property transactions — and who are aligned with the company's vision of transforming the real estate sector through tech and strategy.

With a business model that requires no upfront investment from homeowners, ReUp Living offers franchisees a unique opportunity to engage in a high-revenue, tech-driven real estate business.

The company provides support and training to ensure franchisees can leverage ReUp Living's offerings and methodologies effectively, with a focus on maximizing property values and sales. 

“Building on our history of transforming industries through technology, at ReUp, we're applying the same disruptive spirit and innovative prowess to the real estate sector,” Sawchuk said. “Our past successes are just the foundation for what we're achieving with ReUp — breaking new ground, reimagining property transactions and leveraging tech to unlock unprecedented value for our clients. We're not just participating in the market; we're setting a new benchmark for what's possible, proving that with the right vision and technology, the potential in real estate is truly limitless.”

The company is growing through franchising, with plans to sign 30 new franchisees over the next three years. Target markets for expansion include Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta, Charleston, Jacksonville, Tampa, and many more.  

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