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$84,150 – $162,000
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ReUp Living is revolutionizing the real estate industry with its tech-powered approach to home renovation and sales. Founded by Ryan Sawchuk and Andrew MitchellJustin Mattas and Alex Kassem, the company leverages proprietary systems developed by leaders with extensive backgrounds in technology and real estate to empower homeowners, buyers and franchisee partners. With 38 units open or in development, ReUp Living is quickly becoming a key player in the property technology space, offering unique solutions to outsmart the housing market and generate significant across real estate transactions.

In a real estate market that has experienced unprecedented growth — U.S. residential market is valued at $52 trillion — opportunities abound for innovative property transactions. Traditional methods of buying, selling and renovating homes are being challenged by the need for more efficient, transparent and value-driven processes. ReUp Living meets this demand head-on, providing a tech-first strategy that caters to the current market dynamics while setting a new standard for the industry.

ReUp Living distinguishes itself with a suite of services that includes the groundbreaking BASE Digital Twin technology and a no-upfront-cost remodeling process that maximizes property value. This approach benefits homeowners and buyers, and also offers a lucrative, high-revenue model for franchisees. ReUp Living's model is built on innovation, disruption and creating winning situations for all parties involved, making it a standout in the real estate franchising sector.

The real estate industry is ripe for technological disruption. With the advent of property technology, companies like ReUp Living are able to provide solutions that traditional real estate practices cannot match. These tech-driven services address the need for a more transparent, efficient and profitable way to handle property transactions, making the dream of homeownership more accessible and offering investors and franchisees the chance to tap into a booming market with high returns.

Executive Q&A

Executive Q&A with ReUp Living’s Founding Partner Andrew Mitchell

Mitchell tells the story behind ReUp Living, what sets it apart from the competition and what kind of franchising opportunities it offers.

How does ReUp Living's approach to real estate differ from traditional house flipping? ReUp Living revolutionizes the traditional house-flipping model by involving homeowners and buyers directly in the renovation process, leveraging proprietary BASE Digital Twin technology and LiDAR scanning. This approach ensures every renovation directly enhances property value, benefiting both sellers and buyers. Unlike traditional flipping, which often involves speculative work and upfront costs for homeowners, ReUp's model is risk-free for homeowners, with no payment required until closing, aligning interests across all parties and maximizing value across the transaction.

What makes ReUp Living's proprietary technology, like the BASE Digital Twin, a game-changer in real estate renovation and sales? ReUp Living's proprietary technology, including the BASE Digital Twin and LiDAR scanning, is transforming the real estate market by offering a risk-free remodeling process that significantly enhances property values without upfront costs to homeowners. The BASE Digital Twin technology creates a detailed 3D model of homes, allowing homeowners and buyers to visualize renovations and finish-outs before any physical work begins. This process not only increases efficiency and reduces waste, but also enables personalized customization, making each property more appealing to potential buyers. The use of everyday tech like smartphone LiDAR sensors, combined with ReUp's powerful cloud-based platform, ensures that renovations are precisely tailored to increase property value. This technology-first approach positions ReUp Living at the forefront of the real estate sector, offering unparalleled value to homeowners, buyers and franchisees alike by streamlining the renovation process and making high-quality home improvements accessible and transparent.

What drove the decision to adopt a franchising model for ReUp Living's expansion? The decision to franchise came from the desire to expand nationally at a quicker pace while recognizing the unique aspects of real estate markets across the U.S. Franchising allows ReUp Living to partner with local experts who understand their markets deeply, enabling the company to replicate our successful model in diverse locations, from the Carolinas and Florida to Boise, Denver, Baltimore and beyond. This strategic choice supports ReUp Living's goal of nationwide expansion by leveraging a model that empowers franchisees to create winning situations in their local markets.

What kind of support and training does ReUp Living offer its franchisees? ReUp Living is deeply invested in the success of its franchisees, offering comprehensive support and training. This includes group onboarding sessions with existing successful franchisees, detailed insights into managing the business model, and leveraging ReUp Living's proprietary technology and processes. The company takes care of underwriting, sourcing capital, and operational back-end processes, allowing franchisees to focus on sales, lead generation, and creating great customer experiences. ReUp's approach ensures franchisees have a solid foundation, with a focus on maximizing property values and sales in their local markets.

What are the ideal qualities of a ReUp Living franchisee, and what opportunities does the franchising model offer? Ideal ReUp Living franchisees possess drive, or a “hustle mentality,” tech savvy, project management skills, and are adept at building relationships. The company values franchise partners who understand the ROI of property transactions and share ReUp's vision of transforming the real estate sector through technology and strategy. The franchising model offers a unique opportunity for franchisees to engage in a high-revenue, tech-driven real estate business without the need for upfront investment from homeowners. Franchisees benefit from ReUp's innovative approach, including comprehensive remodeling and resale services, creating a win-win-win scenario for sellers, buyers and franchisees.

How does ReUp Living position itself for future growth, and what does this mean for potential franchisees? ReUp Living is set on disrupting the residential real estate market through strategic market expansion and franchising, targeting exponential growth. For potential franchisees, this represents a lucrative opportunity to join a forward-thinking, tech-powered real estate revolution. With a business model that emphasizes no upfront investment and maximizes property values, ReUp offers a compelling proposition for entrepreneurs looking to make a significant impact in the real estate industry. The company's focus on creating winning situations for all parties involved — homeowners, buyers and franchisees — underscores our commitment to redefining real estate transactions for the better.

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