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ReUp Living Franchisee Set to Open the First ReUp Experience Center in Las Vegas

The center, which is being spearheaded by franchisee Anthony Florian, will serve as a showroom where potential buyers can come to design their dream home and test materials.

Anthony Florian, a former professor and real estate agent, has embarked on a remarkable journey with ReUp Living, a tech-powered real estate franchise revolutionizing the housing market. Since opening his ReUp business in Las Vegas in 2021, Florian has seen immense success. Now, he is set to open ReUp’s very first in-person Experience Center, which promises to be a massive milestone for the brand.

The Path to ReUp

As a real estate agent in Nevada, Florian understood the dynamics of the market and the unique challenges it presented. He also understood that ReUp would be a game-changer. 

“ReUp really felt like a tool that would benefit a lot of the properties in Las Vegas,” Florian said. “Sellers don’t get to partake in renovations, but ReUp can offer as-is value and a split of the upside created.”

With zero upfront payments due, pre-sale updates are accessible to everyone with ReUp. By removing the concerns of cash flow from the beginning, ReUp can start immediately after a contract is signed. And unlike traditional real estate transactions, ReUp covers the renovation costs and then splits the profit from increased home values, ensuring higher gains from real estate sales. The company can also simultaneously allow buyers to customize the new home while financing is closing. This alignment with buyer preferences on finishes, flooring, hardware, materials and more allows sellers and real estate agents to enjoy higher returns while buyers can customize the home they want. 

ReUp Living distinguishes itself with a suite of services that includes the groundbreaking BASE Digital Twin technology and a no-upfront-cost remodeling process that maximizes property value. This approach benefits homeowners and buyers, and also offers a lucrative, high-revenue model for franchisees. ReUp Living's model is built on innovation, disruption and creating winning situations for all parties involved, making it a standout in the real estate franchising sector.

Since starting with ReUp three years ago, Florian says demand continues to grow in the Las Vegas market as more and more people recognize the value of ReUp’s service. 

“Once people in the industry get to know us, they realize we are really a no-brainer,” said Florian. “That aspect is really what made me sign on with this franchise originally. I knew from experience that this was a revolutionary concept and that has only proven to be true.”

Creating a Flagship Experience

The upcoming Experience Center in Las Vegas will serve as ReUp’s flagship model and pilot a new concept that could become an integral part of the brand’s model moving forward. 

“Basically, if a seller is going through the ReUp process, the idea is that their potential buyers can come in and finish the design process in our studio by picking out what they want,” Florian said. “They come in, pick a lot, design a plan and then go into a design center to figure out the finishing touches, like paint color, materials and anything else.” 

The center, strategically located two blocks away from the Las Vegas Sphere, will be a comprehensive hub for everything clients need, Florian says. 

“Half of the building will be the showroom where clients can pick out different finishes, and the other side will be a place for our partners, such as interior designers, title companies, etc., to offer their services,” said Florian. “This way the center can be a one-stop shop for anything the buyer or seller needs.” 

One of the standout features of the Experience Center, for example, will be the use of virtual reality (VR), allowing buyers to visualize and customize their future homes, making informed decisions with confidence.

“Agents can bring their clients into the experience center, and they can sit on the couch and use VR to go through all the choices and make all the decisions digitally to improve the house they are considering,” he said. “They can then see it in-person at a property nearby.” 

As the first franchisee to bring the Experience Center to life, Florian says he couldn’t be more excited. “I am not a designer, that is not my forte,” he said. “So we’ve been collaborating heavily with ReUp HQ to determine how we want this to work. We are getting the design scheduled, working with contractors and we hope to open later this summer.”

Upholding ReUp’s Mission

Overall, whether it’s with his business or with the upcoming Experience Center, Florian says he is primarily driven by ReUp’s mission to empower both sellers and buyers. “We want to ensure both the sellers and buyers get what they want — we want to help them achieve something they couldn’t have done without us,” he said. “That is what I love most about franchising with ReUp.”

ReUp Living offers franchisees like Florian with a unique opportunity to engage in a high-revenue, tech-driven real estate business. The company is growing through franchising, with plans to sign 30 new franchisees over the next three years. Target markets for expansion include Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Jacksonville and Sarasota, Florida; and many more.  

“We are incredibly proud of Anthony and his groundbreaking work with ReUp Living,” said Ryan Sawchuk, founder of ReUp Living. “The opening of our first Experience Center in Las Vegas is a monumental step for our brand. We are excited to see how this flagship model will enhance the home buying and selling experience in Las Vegas and we believe this center will set a new standard in the industry and pave the way for future success and expansion.”

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