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Leveraging CrowdStrike Success to Drive Innovation at ReUp Living

After helping CrowdStrike become the fastest company to reach a billion dollars in revenue ever, the ReUp founder turned his attention to the real estate market, integrating technology and coaching to deliver exceptional value to both franchisees and homeowners.

Ryan Sawchuk, co-founder of ReUp Living (ReUp), is no stranger to success. His tenure at CrowdStrike, the first cloud-based cybersecurity independent software vendor (ISV) to exceed $1 billion in software sales through AWS Marketplace, laid the groundwork for the innovative approach he brings to ReUp. Now, the lessons learned from scaling a tech powerhouse are being applied to revolutionize the real estate market, blending technology and coaching to create unparalleled value for franchisees and homeowners alike.

From Cybersecurity to Real Estate Innovation

At CrowdStrike, Sawchuk was instrumental in driving growth and innovation. “CrowdStrike influenced ReUp in a lot of ways,” Sawchuk said. “The founder of CrowdStrike recognized early on that cloud-delivered software was the future of cybersecurity, much like Workday disrupted HR software. We adopted a similar approach at ReUp, combining software with services to ensure we deliver the right renovations, track spending and maximize value.”

Sawchuk, along with co-founders Andrew MitchellJustin Mattas and Alex Kassem, made sure to keep this integration of technology and services at the heart of ReUp’s platform. ReUp is a pre-listing solution for homeowners, buyers and real estate agents that increases a home’s value by remodeling it with no risk or upfront costs before selling. Founded in 2021, ReUp has set out to transform the real estate process by updating tired homes with turnkey home improvements that require no upfront costs. 

ReUp takes care of all financing, sourcing, project management and communication, while only using licensed and insured general contractors on all projects. ReUp, the property technology company that helps everyday people outsmart the housing market with an innovative remodeling system that produces exceptional returns for sellers and franchisees, is ramping up growth through franchising as it continues to disrupt residential real estate transactions.

By partnering with retailers and leveraging data, ReUp continuously refines its offerings, launching new modules and applications that engage homeowners with the platforms. 

ReUp Living has a total of 12 open locations as of June 2024, including two corporate locations in Austin and Dallas, Texas, in addition to one area representative agreement in the Western U.S. Furthermore, the brand has several franchise and area representative agreements in its development pipeline as territories are selling out fast. 

The Power of Self-Awareness and Coachability

When it comes to finding ReUp franchisees, Sawchuk's experience at CrowdStrike has proven to be a major resource. 

For one, Sawchuk says his experience in building successful teams at CrowdStrike revealed two key traits in top performers: self-awareness and coachability

“I hired over 300 individuals, and we conducted thorough assessments, including Myers-Briggs evaluations,” Sawchuk said. “The two biggest indicators of success were self-awareness and coachability. If someone understands their strengths and areas for improvement, they're more likely to develop the necessary skills. Coachability, both in receiving and giving feedback, was crucial. It fostered a culture where best practices were shared, leading to more sales and a faster stock valuation.”

These principles are embedded in ReUp’s philosophy. “In franchising, having a protected territory is beneficial, but what's more important is sharing best practices without the fear of competition,” Sawchuk said. “Our franchisees operate their own businesses with guidance from the brand, but they also have the freedom to be creative.” 

Similarly, Sawchuk's approach to sales is influenced by methodologies developed during his time at CrowdStrike. “A lot of people don’t put the emphasis on sales that they should — at the end of the day, a business is just a legal entity to tax the sales generated,” he said. “Every function is to support sales and too many sales people sit there and just go with their gut. When you look at it, it is a very repeatable process.” 

Now, these methodologies are integrated into ReUp’s operations and taught to franchisees all across the country. "When we started ReUp, we renovated 17 houses in our first year with just four team members," Sawchuk said. "Now, franchisees can replicate that success by following our structured approach, ensuring consistent and scalable results."

Creating Wealth Opportunities

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of ReUp's mission today is the effort to create wealth opportunities for its franchisees — another takeaway from Sawchuk’s time with CrowdStrike.

"Most wealth is not created from your 9 to 5 paycheck — it's created from equity ownership,” said Sawchuk. “The U.S. real estate market has created the most millionaires in history. ReUp will be our fifth liquidity event. This has given my wife and me a unique opportunity for financial freedom. Not enough people get those opportunities, so it was crucial for me to share this with franchisees. We're not only sharing in the milestones we achieve but also in the financial freedom we reach together. We want to change the way people buy, sell and interact with real estate, while building wealth opportunities for our franchisees.”

This commitment to wealth creation is evident in ReUp's profit-sharing and equity distribution models. Franchisees who bring innovative ideas to the table are rewarded with additional shares, aligning their success with the company's growth. This approach has led to innovations like surge pricing for premium materials, Sawchuk says, which originated from a ReUp franchisee in Las Vegas.

A Vision for the Future

With a tech-driven approach and a focus on creating value, ReUp is poised to disrupt the real estate market. “We're playing for billions at ReUp,” Sawchuk said. “Our business model requires no upfront investment from homeowners, offering franchisees a unique opportunity in a high-revenue, tech-driven real estate business.”

As ReUp expands, it seeks franchisees who share its vision of transforming the real estate sector through technology and strategy. “We're setting a new benchmark for what's possible in real estate,” Sawchuk said. “With the right vision and technology, the potential is limitless.”

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