Revamped Menu Boards Yield High Returns
Revamped Menu Boards Yield High Returns

How a simpler, cleaner and fresher menu board can decrease service time and increase customer satisfaction.

Take, for example, Checkers & Rally’s, a restaurant chain that prides itself on serving  tasty burgers quickly with its distinct drive-thru model. Recently, the burger chain announced it would begin revamping its menu boards.

Chief Marketing Officer Terri Snyder said that the new menu boards will incorporate the very essence of the brand by displaying big, bold food in a clear manner while continuing to deliver and communicate value.
“[They are] designed to enhance overall guest communications, simplify restaurant operations and improve overall cost of goods,” she said.
The changes include a cleaner and crisper appearance to enhance a customer’s appetite, all while streamlining combo offerings for the drive-thru consumer. According to Snyder, it’s the company’s first menu board overhaul since 2006.
This update allows Checkers & Rally’s to have the flexibility to adapt its menu boards more easily to adjust to the fluctuation of its customers’ desires, like its latest “Value at Every Price” promotion, which has been strategically placed on the new boards. Checkers & Rally’s can now customize and tailor its menu boards to its customers’ behavior faster than it ever could before. It’s that versatility that will help the brand's "Crazy Good Food" stay in the spotlight.
“Our food is and always will be the star of the show,” said Snyder. “The refresh of our menu boards allows our food to remain center stage. While our guests are benefiting from our menu’s more streamlined approach, our franchisees are as well. The new menu boards are expected to create $2.4 million in savings across our system.”
The savings Snyder is referring to are a direct result in the reduction in food costs, thanks in part to the menu redesign. The brand began testing menu board optimization in April of 2015 in Atlanta, Columbus, Toledo and Tampa and records that they were successfully able to expedite the speed of service without decreasing customer satisfaction.
Checkers & Rally’s will be implementing its new menu boards at its locations nationwide throughout 2016.