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Rideshare Companies Flexible Work Schedules Are Bad News for The Restaurant Industry

Restaurants are losing workers to rideshare apps due to its appealing hours and higher hourly rates.

We all know the benefit rideshare apps have bestowed upon us––convenience. Consumers are now lazier than ever, so having someone pick you up at the door with the push of a button feels heaven-sent. 

However, for restaurant operators, rideshare apps are beginning to become the opposite. According to The Takeout, staffing a restaurant has become increasingly difficult, ever since rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have become a staple in consumer’s lives. 

Rideshare app employees can make their own schedules, with extremely flexibles hours. This is posing as bad news for the restaurant industry where employees tend to work long hours, often with less pay, according to The Takeout. 

This is just the latest piece of news in terms of how new technologies are affecting the restaurant industry. Brands in the QSR and fast casual segments are launching dine-in mobile ordering platforms, ultimately eliminating the need for servers. 

Although, Uber does seem to be batting for the restaurant industry and trying its hand to work as a team. The rideshare giant recently announced Uber Works, a platform that connects workers with businesses that need to fill available shifts. 

It will be interesting to see where this goes in the coming months. Rideshare apps’ reach is expanding quickly, and before we know it, they could be taking over. Oh wait––that’s Amazon

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