Showhomes to Expand in the Denver, Colorado Market Showhomes to Expand in the Denver, Colorado Market

With income and job opportunities on the rise, Showhomes is confident that its staging services will help homeowners in the area capitalize on the seller's market.

The median home prices in Denver have been steadily on the rise since 2008, partially due to the limited inventory. Income and job growth are also being seen in metro-Denver, and because of that people are seeking to take advantage of the seller's market.

According to, Showhomes is a home-staging company that is looking to move into Denver to help those selling their homes get top value. Showhomes is already in 18 states with more than 50 franchised locations and likes the Denver economy.

“In a market like Denver you have quite a bit of growth in people moving to the area," Showhomes COO Matt Kelton said. "The homes have a rustic look in Denver, a farmhouse look seems to be popular too and you’ve got an area that’s a little different than the southeast and some of the areas that we have in northern California."

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