How Showhomes' Conversion Program Helps Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses
How Showhomes' Conversion Program Helps Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses

Local owners who convert their businesses to become Showhomes franchisees are able to experience growth while diversifying their revenue streams.

When Brandon Macomber and his wife Elisa first broke into the home staging industry, they decided to do it on their own. But shortly after opening their doors for business in Santa Fe, New Mexico, they found that they had boxed themselves in a small space.

The Macombers wanted to expand their business at a rate that they weren’t able to reach. But with Brandon’s experience in banking and Elisa’s creativity and passion for design, they knew they had the potential to build something great. That’s when they came across Showhomes, the nation’s largest and most successful home staging franchise.

“Joining Showhomes’ franchise system gave us the corporate support and backing we needed to really own the Santa Fe market,” said Brandon. “The brand’s strong recognition among consumers and reputation for quality service opened the door for us to reach a new group of customers and industry professionals.”

The success the Macombers have experienced since signing on to become Showhomes franchisees is not uncommon. Entrepreneurs who convert their businesses to the brand’s proven model consistently see an impressive boost to their bottom lines.

“It comes down to the fact that they already understand the model and have established relationships and contacts in the industry,” said Matt Kelton, Showhomes’ COO. “That gives us the opportunity to come in and quickly provide the proven tools and best practices that we have at our disposal. Showhomes is able to identify their weaknesses in order to take their home staging businesses to the next level.”

Another way Showhomes’ conversion program helps local business owners grow is by providing stability in a naturally volatile industry. Independent home staging companies tend to lock themselves into the ups and downs of the real estate market. But Showhomes offers business owners consistency. The brand boasts four different services—home staging, home manager staging, home makeovers and home updates—that ultimately open the door to four different revenue streams.

In the months and years to come, Showhomes plans to capitalize on the momentum that’s currently driving the conversion program forward.

“Going forward, conversion franchisees are going to play a major role in Showhomes’ future growth efforts. It’s a win-win situation—as a brand, we’re able to provide guidance for entrepreneurs who may be struggling, while local business owners are able to expand our franchise system at a faster rate,” Kelton said.

That win-win relationship has been evident to the Macombers. Since converting their home staging company they’ve done more business than they every would have been able to achieve on their own.

“Showhomes’ model is unbeatable. The corporate team consistently puts their best foot forward—they’re always engaged and willing to lend a helping hand. Showhomes has built a family of franchisees, and I’m confident that culture will continue to grow as the brand evolves and welcomes new owners into its system,” said Brandon.