Husband-Wife Team Laura Farrell and Roberto Mattioli Find Perfect Fit with Showhomes Franchise
Husband-Wife Team Laura Farrell and Roberto Mattioli Find Perfect Fit with Showhomes Franchise

The design enthusiasts are excited to help grow the brand’s presence throughout the Southeast Florida real estate market.

Before moving to Miami from their home country of Argentina, the couple always fantasized about what it would be like to own their own business. Once settled into their new home, and after witnessing firsthand how lucrative the real estate market was in Southeastern Florida, the couple decided to turn their dreams of business ownership into a reality and meet with a local franchise consultant.

Laura and Roberto spoke with a franchise consultant about all different types of business ownership opportunities, but franchise concept really stuck with them. Showhomes presented a future in home staging that allows the couple to maximize on the strong real estate market in their hometown, and they did not hesitate to jump on the opportunity.

“We realized immediately that Showhomes was the right fit, mainly as it covered my passion as an architect and designer as well as my postgraduate studies in real estate,” said Laura. “Later, Roberto and I got in touch with different franchisees who were willing to help and share their experience. After hearing from the existing franchisees, we were fully confident in the choice we were about to make.”

In 2017, Laura and Roberto officially opened their first Showhomes franchise in Miami, quickly becoming one of the brand’s top performing territories out of its nearly 60 locations across the U.S.

“Showhomes is truly a ‘one-stop-shop,’” said Roberto. “We are able to provide all of the solutions a realtor could need to help sell their listing, and in turn, are able to strengthen our reputation throughout the Miami Dade and Broward County.”

Laura adds, “We were so excited about opening our first Showhomes here. We knew that we had the energy and knowledge to really succeed - we are young, versatile and have the know-how to help and deeply understand the Southeast Florida way of thinking and the underlying this cosmopolitan style that we breathe here in Miami.”

While Roberto leaves most of the design aspect to Laura, he’s found the transition from working as a regional financial analyst for a local healthcare company in Argentina to working in the homeselling industry smooth, even fun.

“While I’ve always had experience working to meet the needs of my clients, it’s been a good transition because it comes natural. Here at Showhomes, we always listen carefully to the obstacles the realtor and homeowner face, and think deeply to solve and satisfy their needs,” said Roberto. “We do our job with professionalism and passion, and our idea is to always amaze the buyer.”

As the couple nears their two-year anniversary with the brand, they have no plans of slowing down.

“We’ve been established in the Southeast Florida market for about ten years now since the opening of Marisa Salas’ Coral Gables location, so we were excited to have Roberto and Laura help strengthen that presence,” said Showhomes Chief Operating Officer Matt Kelton. “It's a very high end luxury real estate market with a strong economy. With people retiring and international folks coming in from South and Central America, there's a lot of people investing in Southeast Florida and a ton of opportunity to work with local homeowners and realtors to stage homes as they fly off the market.”

Over the next few years, the brand hopes to add an additional six territories throughout the region with future franchisees being able to look to Roberto and Laura’s local success as inspiration - just as the couple once looked to experienced franchisees for guidance themselves.

“Between the great support of fellow franchisees and the support provided by the corporate team as well, we are so glad to have selected Showhomes as the franchise we grow professionally and economically with,” said Laura. “We never could have imagined the support we have received from franchisees all over the country sharing their experience and knowledge with us. That’s truly the best thing about being a part of a big family business.

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