Tips and Tricks for DIY Home Staging
Tips and Tricks for DIY Home Staging

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While hiring a professional home staging company is ideal for property sales, there are times when a bit of elbow grease on the part of the homeowner can help bolster the efforts made by the professionals. If funds or a quick turnaround prohibit you from hiring a professional, or if you want to keep up the appearances achieved by your own home staging company, there are plenty of ways to do it yourself. Here are our top tips and tricks for DIY home staging.

The first step on the road to a beautifully staged home is decluttering and organization. Less is definitely more when it comes to staging, so make tough decisions and weed out your belongings room by room. Collectibles, trinkets, and other clutter don’t have to be thrown away or donated, but we suggest boxing up your more niche items and placing them in storage until you sell your home. In addition to helping your home look its best for potential buyers, decluttering gives you a head start in the packing stage of moving house.

After you’ve made a few tough decisions and removed your excess decor pieces, make sure you haven’t made your home too bare. We recommend that DIY home stagers leave a few remnants of family life, so potential buyers can picture themselves living in your home. Keep bookshelves filled with interesting reads, walls adorned with a few family portraits, and special keepsakes dotted around the house.

Choose a theme
Having a theme in every room, or one that ties your whole house together, is a creative and subtle way to make your home feel more cohesive and inviting for potential buyers. Choose one color, texture, material, or pattern that can act as a focal point and bring a room together. Bouquets, throw pillows, cushions, and candlesticks can all help to increase this effect. Just remember not to go overboard here, or you run the risk of having too much to focus on.

Bring the outside in
Fresh greenery and floral arrangements add to any home, so don’t forget this important item on your own home staging list. A beautifully cut bouquet or trimmings from your backyard will increase the air quality in your home, lift the mood of potential buyers, and increase the general aesthetic of your home.

Remove imperfections
Before your viewings start, take a day or two to go around the house and complete any small DIY jobs that potential buyers might notice. Fill in holes in the wall, repaint crown molding, skirting boards, and window frames, and fix any broken shelves. This will definitely work in your favor during viewings and make potential buyers feel like your house is in great condition.

Scent is everything
Making sure your home smells great is a professional staging top trick, but remember that subtle scents work best. Bake a batch of cookies just before a viewing or have a few scented candles going in hallways and common areas, but don’t run overpowering scents in your diffuser or have ten flames burning in every room. Remember that too much of a good smell is just as offensive as a bad one.

Increase your curb appeal
First impressions really do count, so make your home’s exterior as appealing as possible for potential buyers. Spruce up front yard landscaping, clean and tidy your porch, add a fresh coat of paint on the front door, install new light fixtures and a number sign, and accessorize your entryway with fresh cut greens or flowers (we love gladioli at this time of year, which are beautiful and symbolize welcome).  
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