Pennsylvania Signal 88 Security Franchise Works with Area Law Enforcement to Improve Community Safety
Pennsylvania Signal 88 Security Franchise Works with Area Law Enforcement to Improve Community Safety

Peter Mango leverages his police background as a Signal 88 franchisee to partner with police and bring peace of mind to the community.

Former chief of police Peter Mango is the franchisee of Signal 88 Security’s Octorara location, which primarily services Chester County in Pennsylvania. His location works very closely with local law enforcement, which has been a very rewarding experience for both the police veteran and his employees.

“One of the benefits of our relationship with the police is that we are seen as a positive ally in their eyes as far as being a force multiplier for them and having more eyes out there in the community,” Mango said. “We don’t just report stuff that happens at our client sites. If we see something in between jobs, we report it.”

As a retired police chief, working with Signal 88 has been especially fulfilling on a personal level for Mango.

“The most rewarding part for me is maintaining the relationships and friendships I’ve had for 20 to 30 years in Chester County,” he said.

There are many ways in which Mango’s Signal 88 Security franchise has worked with local law enforcement. They’ve helped monitor the cell block at a local police station. And, they were hired by a small borough to patrol the area and report any incidents to 9-1-1 when that borough was in between contracts for law enforcement coverage.

“We didn’t arrest anyone or take any action,” Mango said. “We were just the eyes and ears.”

The Octorara location is also unique from other Signal 88 Security franchises in that they offer healthcare security services.

“One of the unique markets that we’re in is the healthcare market, and in that capacity, it’s not uncommon for our officers to be called to emergency rooms to assist law enforcement with DUI suspects,” Mango said.

When a DUI suspect is taken to an emergency room by police, a Signal 88 officer might be summoned to help facilitate getting that suspect to a lab to do any necessary documentation and lab work. The suspect needs to have their handcuffs removed in order for the lab technician to do their job.

“At that point, it’s not uncommon that someone will become resistant and resist handcuffs,” Mango said. “There have been quite a few times when our guys helped a local officer restrain an out-of-control intoxicated person. This brought a positive light to our relationship because a police officer needed help and our guy stepped in.”

Another vertical that the Octorara Signal 88 franchise is involved in is the school security market. They provide roaming patrols, and some of Mango’s officers are about to get involved in an initiative called Stop the Bleed, a national effort whose goal is to teach members of the public bleeding control techniques in the case of a mass shooting or other violent occurrence.

“Chester County will implement training and we’re hoping to feed some of our Signal 88 officers into that program,” Mango said.

Signal 88 Security also finds smaller ways to help local law enforcement.

“For years, we’ve provided coffee services at the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus,” Mango said. “Whoever comes in, including police and government officials, can have free coffee from Signal 88, and we have a plaque that says it’s donated from us. It’s another little way we can serve the first responder community.”

The special relationship with Mango’s area law enforcement is also a huge help in another respect because many Signal 88 employees are looking into going into law enforcement.

“At Signal 88, we value our relationship with law enforcement and first responders and firefighters, and many of our officers are actively engaged in either fire emergency medical services or law enforcement or seeking employment in that regard,” Mango said.

Mango pointed to Signal 88’s mantra of “Hiring heroes.”

“We’re hiring potential heroes, those that would do something heroic during the course of duty, and the other way to interpret that is we’re hiring those who are already heroes, whether they’re military or first responders, to continue serving,” he said.

Through Signal 88, potential heroes have the opportunity to see the world of being a first responder, “and it’s not uncommon for us to have those young folks who are quality people go into law enforcement,” Mango said.

Many of Mango’s officers even get to work at sites under the supervision of a retired officer or state trooper, which can later help them when they apply to an academy.

“If you’re applying to be a state trooper, what’s better than a reference from a retired state captain?” Mango said. “It’s a great way to start.”

The startup costs for a Signal 88 franchise range from $73,000 to $266,400, and the franchise fee ranges from $40,500 to $150,000. For more information about owning a Signal 88 franchise, visit http://www.signal88franchise.com/.